What Travel Insurance Should I Get?

What Travel Insurance Should I Get?
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The goal of travel insurance is to cover you in two very important ways: to protect yourself and your property. Any travel insurance that offers less than the following basic features just isn’t worth purchasing.

Travel insurance should protect you in case of illness or injury. You want to be sure your insurance covers the costs of any overseas medical bills that could otherwise cost you a fortune later on back home. Keep in mind that most travel insurance policies offer total medical coverage between $100,000 – $3,000,000. Stolen or lost property, such as wallet, passport or luggage, should also be insured in your plan. This is a travel insurance basic that generally reimburses you and replaces your lost belongings, reimbursing you, for example, the expenses incurred to replace your passport. Insurance that covers cancellations and delays is another financial protection you’ll be grateful for when that canceled flight could cause you to miss the next leg of your trip, your brother’s wedding, or an expensive cruise.

Before choosing travel insurance, it’s helpful to use a travel insurance comparison site like Insuremytrip. On this type of site you can enter your trip details and get live quotes from different companies’ prices and policies. However, we recommend the International Travel Insurance Group, which provides complete programs for any type of traveler.

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