When is the Best Time to Visit Europe?

best time to see europe in good weather
Photo by Pexels

You want to see the sites of Europe but you’re not so keen on seeing it all under rain clouds. So what’s the best time to see Europe in good weather?

The ground rule

Summer is the safest bet for good weather in Europe. Temperatures are warmer across the continent and the rain clouds show up less frequently. The only downside is that this weather tip is no secret. Good weather almost always means bad crowds.

The exceptions

Certain European attractions are at their best in the winter. Vienna has a reputation for putting its best foot forward when the temperature drops. The streets light up for the holidays season, cafes and bars are well equipped to warm you up, and many say that the city looks best with clear skies and a thin layer of snow. Berlin also puts on a great winter show, especially around Christmas with its holiday markets.  

The safe bet locations

Many parts of Southern Europe dodge the bad weather that hits their northern neighbors. Croatia, Greece, and Italy are popular locations that still get plenty of sun in the off season. Some even prefer seeing these countries outside of summer to dodge the heat.


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