Costa Rica or Puerto Rico?

Costa Rica or Puerto Rico
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The best way to answer the Costa Rica or Puerto Rico question is to ask yourself what you’re looking for. Yes, there is some overlap between the two destinations, but if you truly know what you want in your vacation, the answer should be clear. We figure that the best way to differentiate between the two and help you choose is to give a quick rundown of what each has to offer.

Costa Rica’s greatest draw is its wealth of rainforest that begs for exploration. If searching for exotic plant and animal life in some of the most biologically diverse terrain in the world sounds like your kind of thing, then Costa Rica is your place. The surf towns and beaches on the Pacific Coast are excellent for those who have a “been there done that” attitude towards the typically calmer beaches of the Caribbean too.

Puerto Rico is much more efficient. Cheaper flights (flights to San Juan can be half the price of flights to San Jose) and skipping the currency conversion step can save you some headaches. If you would rather opt for a resort stay or a more low-key beach vacation, Puerto Rico fits the bill perfectly. The beach resorts are tough to beat for “get away from it all” relaxation. Nightlife in Puerto Rico is also a plus for those not quite satisfied with the slower pace of the beach lifestyle.

This is how we think of it: Costa Rica is for the adventurer looking to zip line through a rainforest, while Puerto Rico is for the work life escapee looking to find a hammock under a palm tree and maybe hit the discoteca later on. Decide what you’re looking for and pull the trigger!

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