Hinterland Music Festival Pro Tips

Hinterland Music Festival
Photo by Meanz Chan

Hinterland Music Festival is a plunge into America’s rural heartland to catch some of the best sounds in indie and alternative rock. The festival was founded in 2015 so many attendees are first-timers. But whether it’s your first Hinterland or it’s on your calendar every year, we have some professional tips to help you get the most out of your festival experience.

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1. If you’re not up for camping, stay in Des Moines

The on-site camping experience is terrific, but if you want a solid bed, there are plenty of excellent accommodations options in the city.

2. Eat up

The vendors sell delicious locally-sourced food. Whether it’s a beer or a full meal, the festival is best enjoyed with a satisfied stomach.

3. Hinterkids

The festival has an area designated for the younguns in attendance. From coloring to mural painting, the kids will stay busy.

4. Bug Spray!

The bugs show up for the festival too. Pack plenty of repellant and keep them from ruining your time.

5. See the bridges

Made famous by the movie “The Bridges of Madison County” starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood, the covered bridges in the area are worth a side trip. You can even reserve a tour.

6. John Wayne Museum

It doesn’t get more American than John Wayne, and while you’re enjoying the heartland you should make the trip to nearby Windset (where Wayne was born) to check out the museum dedicated to his life.

7. Just relax

The festival is designed to be an escape to nature so be ready to put your feet up and take it all in. If you’re looking for one of those festivals overflowing with activities and attractions in the surrounding area, this isn’t your match.


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