How to Travel With Your Baby

how to travel with a baby
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Having a baby doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your desire to travel. You’ll just need to make a few adjustments. Sure, the idea of being on a plane for several hours with your infant might seem daunting, but with appropriate planning and mental preparation, it’s both doable and a worthwhile experience for the both of you.

Plan Everything

This includes the number of diapers, packs of formula milk, bottles and all travel documentation and expenses. Most flights require you to book a seat for your infant and all the necessary documentation must be checked before booking a trip. Check the visa requirements as well as other legal papers that would be necessary for your little one at your destination. Make a call to your hotel or guest room to confirm reservations and inform them about your baby, so that they can make any special additions that may be required for the room to cater to your child.

Read the Airline Regulations

Depending on the destination and the airline carrier, requirements differ. Contact your airlines and inquire about seating arrangements, baggage allowance, and check in times. Nowadays most flights board passengers with children at the same time as the rest of the passengers. Unless you are seated in business or first class, you will have to board with the rest of the herd.

Strollers, Slings, Safety Seats

While these items will increase to your checked baggage, they make travel easy and hassle free. Opting for a baby carrier or sling keeps your hands free to manage other tasks like check-in, immigration and boarding. Strollers can work as a bed for nap times, provide shade in warmer destinations, act as a seat in crowded locations, or even as a dining table in packed restaurants.

Pack Efficiently

Babies require a lot more baggage than most people think. From nappies to wipes and safety seats, the number of items your baby may require can seem never ending. Make sure you get all the necessary items checked in and tagged so nothing is lost. Also, pack extras and backups. Bottles, nappies, wipes, pacifiers, books, toys- all are essential for a smooth travel experience. Disposable toiletries and traveling clothes are also great to avoid excessive laundry. Make sure to keep the necessities easily accessible, too.

Carry Your Own Food

Feeding during takeoff and landing assists with the changes in cabin pressure. Make sure to pack enough of formula milk for the entire trip, and even some snacks for you especially if you’re breastfeeding. Check the local formula milk brands at your destination to ensure that they will suit your little one.

If you want some more guidance, check this list of 6 Best Baby Foods for Traveling (6-12 Months).

Stick To A Schedule

Take into account that When traveling long distances, time zones change just like the environment. Don’t plan too many events for a day. Keep time for naps, leisure walks and playtime. Overlooking this can leave you frazzled and with a highly cranky baby. Try to keep your baby’s schedule similar to the one you have at home. You can adjust for an hour earlier or later, but keep it close to the norm, as it will allow for easier adaptation when you return home.

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