How to Plan a Cross-Country Road Trip

how to plan a cross-country road trip
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Crossing the world’s third largest nation requires a great deal of planning. What to pack, what to leave, what to see, where to stay — the questions seem endless when you put the idea to paper. We hear the cry for help and in response, we’ve composed a cross-country tips series for all you highway adventurers. Because thinking about how to plan a cross-country road trip should bring out your adventurous side, not cause headaches.

Below are some articles to help you find your way.


Cross-Country Drive Hotel Tips

Our take on what makes the ideal cross-country drive hotel.


Cross-Country Drive Hidden Gem Stops

Because you don’t have to stop where everyone else does. Finding a lesser-known stop can be one of the greatest cross-country experiences.


Cross-Country Drive Essentials

Because there are some things you just can’t leave behind.


Do’s and Don’ts of Cross-Country Travel

Think of this as the seasoned veterans guide. Written by one of our team fresh off his cross-country journey, the guide will give you an opportunity to learn from both his good, and not so good decisions.


How to Cross the Country With Your Dog

It should be an adventure for your furry companion too. Our guide will save you some headaches and maximize the fun factor.


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