Project Pabst Pro Tips

Project Pabst 2017 Pro Tips
Photo by Project Pabst

It’s one big jam sesh at this year’s Project Pabst. Set in the historic downtown Philly, this one-day music and art-filled explosion is a calling to all the beer and music-loving partygoers. The event features a rock-solid lineup, good food, and a whole lot of ice cold Pabst. With the event so close you can literally taste it, we are here to give you some Pro Tips on how to make the most of it.

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1. Arrive Early

Doors open at 12 pm and the first band hits the stage at 1 pm. It’s a first come, first gets the best view, type of event. Snag your space early.

2. Wear your PBR

It’s all about Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) here. It’s socially acceptable to rock those PBR empty beer cases as hats. We welcome it.

3. Bring your ID

It’s a 21+ event and you will need to prove it. Please bring your ID so you can participate in the consumption of all the refreshing brews your music-filled heart desires. Let’s keep it responsible, please.

4. Buy some memorabilia

Festival t-shirts and hats, as well as artist merch, will be available for purchase.


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6. Refillable water bottle

Water gets expensive, so take advantage of the FREE part. You are allowed to bring in two refillable water bottles to the event. Refill stations will be available on-site.

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