Riot Fest Chicago Pro Tips

Riot Fest Chicago Pro Tips
Photo by Christopher Andrew

Riot Fest Chicago is a calling to all those punk loving, eccentric souls, ready to rock their heads off with their fellow creatives. The fest brings no shortage of like-minded performers ready to cause an onstage (and hopefully offstage) riot. The lineup is insane, the festival grounds are massive, and there’s a whole lot going on at this nonstop party. We have some inside advice to help you make the most of this fest.

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1. Punk-out

Your punk-rock loving soul is welcomed. Expression of individual weirdness is encouraged at Riot Fest.

2. Be a cool parent

Be your cool self and bring the kids. Music is important for the whole family, and this festival has some pretty awesome music.

3. Sunscreen

Screen-up. Don’t be a fool and forget to protect your skin. That will make for an uncomfortable weekend, and a limited ability to fully rock-out.

4. Diet Restrictions

What kind of punk-rock festival would this be, if all forms of individuality weren’t welcome?!  We’ve got the vegetarians and the vegans covered with some killer options. If your diet calls for more specific restrictions you can store your personal food in a designated space. Get with security personnel upon arrival.

5. Study the lineup

The lineup is huge and you’re going to have some favorites. Check out which days your bands perform so you don’t miss out.

6. VIP rocks

Hook yourself up with the VIP pass and get access to the VIP lounge and drink tickets. There’s a whole lot more, go see for yourself.

7. Locker up

Rent a locker with unlimited charging for the entire fest! Yes, that means overnight as well.


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