Wayhome Festival Pro Tips

Wayhome Festival
Photo by Wayhome Festival

This one-stop destination for music and arts alike is this summer’s must-do in Canada. Wayhome Festival is a three-day spectacle unlike any other. Set atop a canvas of greenery, this community event, featuring top musical talent, extraordinary art installations, food, camping and more, is sure to make you feel a million miles away. To help you navigate through it all, here are some Pro Tips.

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1. Get Involved

Earn your way home (really, you’ll get free admissions) by being a part of one of the groups that help put it all together. From the Ambassador team to a Wayhome Street team, to a Work Exchange team, there are various programs offering you a chance to get involved.

2. Bring the family

No need for babysitters this weekend. Wayhome welcomes all ages to enjoy music and art alike. Grab the whole fam and enjoy these 3 fun-filled days with all your loved ones. Bonus: Kids 12 and under receive a FREE general admission pass.

3. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are your friend. They are ideal for all those unexpected camping situations. In addition, these bad boys serve as a quick refresher after you bust a move, or two. Imagine Dragons is performing. Enough said.

4. Earplugs

Whether you’re camping or opting for off-site accommodations, during the festival events it’s typical that everyone gets some shut eye at different times. When you’re looking for yours, earplugs will be your most prized possession.

5. Bananas and H20

This dynamic duo serves a purpose unlike any other. Thinking you may overindulge in those adult beverages? Bananas are jam-packed with potassium and ideal for low blood sugar. And please, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. That’s what the water is for.

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