Y Not Festival Pro Tips

Y not Festival
Photo by Max Miechowski

Y Not Festival is for the young and heart, the care-free, and the good vibes and good tunes kind of people. This summer, Y Not Festival is bringing a 4-day countryside escape with musical talents, both old and new. The amazing outdoors, camping, food, and of course, a lot of top-notch music, can be a lot to navigate through. Here are our Pro Tips to make sure you’re ready to take this all in.

(Read: Y Not Festival Event Guidelines)

1. Embrace new tunes

With a melting pot of genres and artists, you’re sure to have your favorites. Embrace the performances that you would never have otherwise thought of experiencing, you might just develop some new favorites.

2. Branch out

The festival is really about community. It’s the best place to connect with some like-minded music-loving folks. Plus, you may leave the festival with a few more friends than you entered with.

3. Disconnect

With work and life’s commitments constantly demanding our attention, it can feel impossible to disconnect at times. This feel-good festival is a perfect opportunity to temporarily step away from your 9-5 and embrace the countryside escape.

4. SPF is your friend

Want to enjoy all four days of the festival? Screen up with some SPF on the first day (and the second and third), so that you can enjoy the last.

5. Bring a Flashlight

Need to use the port-a-potty in the dark? Trying to navigate to your campsite through a sea of tents? Bring a flashlight! Navigating through these unfamiliar grounds may not be the easiest feat during the dark hours. A flashlight will save you from some unwanted experiences, including stepping into a not so inviting port-a-potty.

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