Toronto Film Festival Pro Tips

Photo by TIFF

Toronto Film Festival is back with a bang this year! The festival is one of the biggest film festivals in the world, drawing in nearly half a million people each year. Many of the films shown throughout the festival go on to win Oscars in the following award season. With such a popular event, you need to be well-prepared. We’ve got you covered with some top tips for the Toronto Film Festival:

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1. Plan your route

It’s much easier to use public transport to get to screenings. Use the handy Toronto trip planner tool to plan your route.

2. Know your ticket

Photo by TIFF

Triple check your ticket, making sure you know the location of the screening and the time. Make sure you bring your ticket to the screening. This can be as a print out or downloaded onto your phone.

3. Don’t arrive late

Do not arrive late! You can be refused entry to a screening if you arrive over ten minutes late. This is to prevent disruption to other visitors.

4. Check for schedule changes

Sometimes the film schedule can change due to unforeseen circumstances. Stay on top of the latest news and check the Toronto Film Festival schedule regularly.

5. Arrive super early

Photo by TIFF

Festival organizers recommend you arrive one hour early to start queuing to get into the screening. Only a few showings have assigned seatings, so it’s first come, first serve.

6. It’s not too late to get tickets

If you missed the ticket sale opening on September 4th, don’t worry! There’s still a chance you can get tickets on the day. ‘Rush tickets’ go on sale a few minutes before a screening starts. Start queuing as early as possible to get your hands on them.

7. Vote

The audience determines the winner of the Toronto Film Festival – so be sure to go online and voice your opinion.

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