The 5 Best Emerging Artists At Halifax Pop Explosion

best emerging artists at halifax pop explosion
Photo by Pixabay

Halifax Pop Explosion is an awesome music festival that focuses on emerging acts and top speakers. It’s less mainstream than other North American festivals, making it a great place to find cool, underground music and interesting speakers. The festival will take place across various venues in Nova Scotia, Halifax, and Canada on October 18-21, 2017.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best emerging artists and speakers at Halifax Pop Explosion.

1. The Courtneys

best emerging artists at halifax pop explosion
Photo by The Courtneys

The Courtneys are an uplifting alternative/indie act that brings the sunshine every day of the year. The trio hail from Canada and their top song, Silver Velvet, catapulted the band into the spotlight. The Courtneys are known for their witty, funny music, with an underlying feminist message. Expect clashing drums and catchy guitar riffs.

2. Elliott Brood

best emerging artists at halifax pop explosion
Photo by Elliott BROOD

Elliott Brood is a Canadian three-piece that creates folk music with a cool twist. The band is known for their awesome energy that gets everyone dancing. Their music is often described as ‘death county’, referring to the dark twist added to the country-style music. Check out their top songs such as Write It All Down For You and Oh, Alberta.

3. Julie & The Wrong Guys

best emerging artists at halifax pop explosion
Photo by Julie Doiron

Julie & The Wrong Guys features Julie Doiron’s return to music after a five-year break. Julie has teamed up with members from hardcore punk band Cancer Bats. Her new music is dark and energetic, with crying calls and growls. You won’t be able to get the song “You Wanted What I Wanted” out of your head!

4. Laina Dawes

best emerging artists at halifax pop explosion
Photo by thehlmn

Music journalist Laina Dawes is one of the festival’s featured speakers. Laina is the author of What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal. She’s a fantastic public speaker, bringing to life cultural topics that are often unspoken about. The metal music scene is traditionally a very male environment and Laina provides a really interesting insight into aspects of the industry. 

5. Tasha and the Amazon

best emerging artists at halifax pop explosion
Photo by Tasha and the Amazon

Notorious ‘bad girl’ Tasha and the Amazon is a hip hop artist known for her naughty stage performances and lyrics about partying and anarchy. Some of her top songs include My Level and Picasso Leaning– the latter is about ‘making a Picasso’ out of her face when drunk. Her music has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times and you won’t be able to stop yourself dancing to her catchy songs. 

Meanwhile, other acts that will be taking to the stage include the likes of Japandroids, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Ria Mae, Clairmont the Second, Cloud Nothings and Charlotte Day Wilson. You can check out the full Halifax Pop Explosion lineup.


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