5 Inspirational Bathrooms That Should Be at KBIS

places to stay with inspirational bathrooms
Photo by Pixabay

Love interior design and want inspiration for your perfect bathroom? We take a look at 5 stunning bathroom designs in hotels and home rentals that are completely on trend for 2017-18. From a beautiful Edwardian bathroom, through to a quirky art-deco bathroom, here are our top picks.

1. Pink Is Back In Town

places to stay with inspirational bathrooms
Photo by Henrietta Hotel

It’s true, pink is back! Pink bathrooms have been out of fashion for decades, however, they are back with a bang and are now a hot bathroom trend for 2017. The bathrooms in the Henrietta Hotel in London look like something out of a Wes Anderson movie. They feature a minimalistic baby-pink, art deco design. The bathrooms have a luxurious double ended bath that you can relax in after a long day. If you’re going down the pink bathroom route, why not pair your pink bathroom with a couple of luscious green indoor plants, for the perfect pink-green color combination.


2. Old Meets New

places to stay with inspirational bathrooms
Photo by Etsuko

“Old meets new” is one of the top bathroom trends this year, with bathrooms that include old features with a modern twist. This stunning Scottish castle, known as the Dairsie Castle, is home to many beautiful Edwardian style bathrooms — original features intact. The bathrooms feature rough stone walls, ornate sinks and freestanding bathtubs. Some of the bathrooms come complete with a creaky wooden floor that’s reminiscent of the era.


3.  Stylish Simplicity

places to stay with inspirational bathrooms
Photo by The Ludlow Hotel NYC

Simplicity is one of the top bathroom trends of 2017, and the bathrooms in the Ludlow Hotel in New York show simplicity at its best. The Ludlow Hotel features beautifully tiled white walls combined with bathroom features that have a slim gold trimming. The wall tiles are in the very trendy “grout” style. These are great tiles to have as you can get away with cleaning your bathroom less frequently.


4. Arabian Delight

places to stay with inspirational bathrooms
Photo by Monica

Arabesque bathroom design is very “in” this year and this stunning Airbnb rental in Sant Pere de Ribes, Cataluna, Spain, features an exotic, Arabian-themed bathroom. The property is an Arabian Fortress that was built in 1770 and has since been renovated. The bathroom looks like a traditional Turkish bath and features rough stone walls, a large curved bath, rustic taps and simple pottery.


5. Marble Effect

places to stay with inspirational bathrooms
Photo by Pixabay

Marble Effect comes and goes as a trend, but this year it’s back. Simple white bathrooms with nice marble work, such as at the bathrooms in the 11 Howard Hotel in New York are very on-trend. At the 11 Howard Hotel, the bathrooms have white and gray marble countertops and stylish brass trimmings.


If you’re looking for more bathroom inspiration ideas, check out the Kitchen & Bathroom Industry Show (KBIS). The show will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando on January 9-11, 2018. And if you need a place to stay nearby, we have tons of options for you. Check out all accommodation options in Orlando.

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