Sundance Introduces New Traditions for Its 2018 Festival

Sundance Film Festival
Photo by Ryan Kobane

Sundance Film Festival has been around for almost four decades, carrying with it a good amount of tradition. The festival has maintained its standing within the film festival world by establishing itself as both a pioneer and a leader in the industry. However, this commitment to custom has never prevented innovation or change within the organization.

Per usual, Sundance Film Festival will take place in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Sundance, Utah on January 18-28, 2018. And per tradition, the festival will introduce some new additions to the program.

New Indie Episodic Section

Sundance Film Festival
Photo by Pixabay

The 2018 festival will have an Indie Episodic Section that features stories told from independent perspectives through a series of multiple installments. Other Episodic Sections in Sundance include the vaguely-defined Special Events Section. However, this new episodic work is the first standalone episodic category in the festival’s history.

‘The New Climate’

Sundance Film Festival
Photo by Sundance Film Festival

Last year, Sundance welcomed a series of creative works that explored climate change and the environment. The 2018 festival will continue with this initiative and allow creatives to explore and navigate the changes occurring in our world.

New Sundance  Award

Sundance Film Festival
Photo by Nick Sammons

Sundance 2018 will offer a brand new award category called the “Festival Favorite” Award. This award will be determined by the audience via ballot votes. The film will be selected across all screenings and all sections, and is determined by how well it resonates with the audience.

2018 Graphics

Sundance Film Festival
Photo by ArtCenter College of Design

The festival partnered with Pasadena’s ArtCenter College of Design to create the graphics for Sundance this year. The concept came out of a collaborative brainstorm, where contributors decided to represent the festival as a “disruptive celebration of imperfection.” The bold colors and imagery to be featured at the festival this year  bring this idea to life.

What else to expect this year

Sundance Film Festival
Photo by Ryan Kobane

Sundance will hold on to a few traditions during its 2018 festival. The organization will bring back some old favorites from the vaults, have a section dedicated to kids films, feature horror films, showcase pioneering creative works, and premiere fascinating documentary. For a comprehensive list of features and sections, see the Sundance program.


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