What’s Hot in the Solar Energy World?

Solar Energy
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The Solar Power International Trade Show is the world’s largest solar show and it’s fast-approaching. The industry’s leading experts will be in attendance, the latest technology will be on display and solar energy will be a hot topic for weeks to come. With that in mind, let’s check the pulse of the solar world and take a look at some projects that are making waves around the world.

So what’s new?

Six-cent solar in Zambia

Solar Energy
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Solar is generally thought of as an expensive green energy strategy. So what if you heard that solar giants were offering to build solar panel fields in Zambia that would charge the Zambian government just 6 cents per kilowatt hour (one of the lowest recorded prices in the world to date)? The show will focus on this project in Zambia as proof that solar energy can be implemented cheaply in countries where high costs would normally shoot projects down.

A solar-powered yacht? Yes, please.

Solar Energy
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So the ultra-rich can island-hop and still be environmentally friendly. Earlier this year, the Turkish company Ned Ship released the stylish “Solarwave 64”, a 2.5 million dollar yacht with an “unlimited range”. More recently, Dutch company Soel yacht released the “SoelCat 12”, a 39-foot cruising vessel powered by its solar panel roof. Who knew solar could be so stylish?

Solar-powered town

A real estate developer in Florida is working on developing a 17,000-acre town powered purely by solar. Complete with solar-powered generators, self-driving cars, a farm-to-table restaurant and a charter school, Babock Ranch could be a peek into the future.

Charge on the beach

Solar Energy
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You’re at the beach and your cell phone dies just before the sunset. All those great sunset pic just went out the window, right? Wrong. You’ve had your solar charger soaking up rays for the last few hours and it’s ready to bring your phone back to life. Solar chargers are on the rise and are a great example of one of the smaller day-to-day roles that solar energy is playing.


Where do I stay?

Maybe those projects have you thinking the show could be worth checking out. And maybe September Las Vegas heat might convince you, albeit uncomfortably, that solar really is the answer. With the heat in mind, we’ve picked out a few accommodation options to keep you cool.

Mandalay Bay

Solar Energy
Photo by Mark Kent

What better way to dodge the heat than to stay in the hotel where the show is being held? From the shark tanks to the famous pool area to the excellent lineup of in-hotel restaurants, a room at Mandalay Bay is tough to beat.

Condo Just off the Strip

Solar Energy
Photo by Kelly

If you’re coming to present with a team, you’ll need a great staging area. This condo can fit up to six and provides all the privacy that you won’t get at Mandalay Bay or the other hotels nearby. Oh, and the pool is a nice place to cool off after a long day on the show floor.


Solar Energy
Photo by Holiday Inn Express Las Vegas

You’re into renewable energy and efficiency is kind of a theme for you right now. The Holiday Inn Express won’t impress the ladies at Drai’s but it will certainly save you a few bucks and help you dodge some of the Las Vegas hotel nonsense if that’s not your scene.


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