Whodunnit? Explore The Top 5 Agatha Christie Literary Haunts

the top 5 agatha christie literary haunts
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Love crime fiction and want to explore ‘whodunit’? We’ve rounded up the top five Agatha Christie literary spots to really get you in the crime-fiction-mood. From mysterious hotels through to the International Agatha Christie festival, here are our top picks:

1. Head to Devon

the top 5 agatha christie literary haunts
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Agatha Christie is one of the biggest selling authors to ever grace the planet, with only the works of The Bible and Shakespeare to rival the sales of her novels. Her crime-fiction has gripped the planet, with excellent plot twists, mysterious characters and mind-boggling ‘whodunits’. She was born in Torquay, Devon, and there’s a literary trail in her name called the Agatha Christie Mile, which runs through places that inspired many of her stories. The walk runs between the Grand Hotel, where she spent her wedding night, through to the Imperial Hotel, which was the inspiration for many settings in her stories. It’s definitely worth walking the mile and getting a real feel for the surroundings that inspired so much of her work.

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2. Torre Abbey

the top 5 agatha christie literary haunts
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Torre Abbey is a historic house and gardens in Torquay, Devon. The gardens are said to have inspired Christie’s interest in plants and their darker uses — in her novels Christie’s favorite murder weapon of choice was poison. Torre Abbey is also home to the International Agatha Christie Festival, which takes place from September 13-17, 2017. At the festival, you can expect five days of crimes stories, strange objects, provocative lectures and immersive group experiences. Check out the full Agatha Christie Festival program.

3. The Imperial Hotel

the top 5 agatha christie literary haunts
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The Imperial Hotel is a luxurious Victorian-era hotel that was built in 1886. The hotel’s grand interior was said to have inspired settings in some of Christie’s novels such Peril at the End House. Spend some time exploring the hotel’s communal rooms and take a coffee or a cream tea, before continuing on the Agatha Christie Mile. Or if you really want to get in the murder-mystery mood, why not experience the hotel at night and stay at the Imperial Hotel from $98 a night?

4. Beacon Cove

the top 5 agatha christie literary haunts
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Believe it or not, the beautiful Beacon Cove was the place where Agatha Christie nearly drowned during her childhood. Many believe this was a pinnacle moment in Christie’s life as it introduced a fascination with the perils of death and shaped the author that we know today. While the beach is safe to swim in now, always take care if you decide to take a dip!

5. Orient Express

the top 5 agatha christie literary haunts
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Last but not least is the famous Orient Express train, which inspired one of Christie’s most well-known novels, Murder on the Orient Express. Christie was a regular on the train route, which runs from London through to Budapest, Istanbul and Venice. She loved to stop in Istanbul to explore the ornate buildings and bustling souk markets — so why not walk in the shoes of Christie and find a majestic place to stay in Istanbul?


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