5 Zombie Walks to Do for Halloween

Zombie Walks Sydney
Photo by Sydney Zombie Walk

Zombie Walks are where otherwise rational individuals of age slap on makeup and fake blood and parade ghoulishly on the streets. They run on the principle that “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. With season 8 of The Walking Dead out in time for this Halloween, you’re not just restricted to celebrating zombie pride in Georgia (where the series is shot). Here are 5 alternatives to aping the undead around the world.

Richmond, Virginia – Oct. 28

Zombie Walks Virginia
Photo by Pixabay

The US has its pick of Halloween events (including the infamous Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights) and Zombie Walks are no exception. But if we had to pick just one it would be Richmond, Virginia. Zombies descend in droves this October in what has become a cherished annual tradition for zombie pilgrims. Just two hours south of the Alexandria-Safe-Zone, the 13th Zombie Walk in Richmond, Virginia lurches its way from Byrd Park, a central area in the city with lots of places to stay. Bring your Zombie-face with you. If not, you’re on the menu. The one saving grace is that zombies are discouraged from running (á la 28 Days Later) so your chances of making it out alive look good. There are prizes up for grabs as well, including one for Best Zombie Couple, Most Disgusting Zombie, and Zombie of the year.  And the best part? Proceeds from the Zombie Walk go towards the American Cancer Society.

Montreal, Quebec – Oct. 28

Zombie Walks Montreal
Marche des Zombies de Montréal Zombie Walk

Cerveauuuuux! The Montreal Zombie Walk is catered to the bilingual zombies among us with programs being offered in English and French. Start off by having your creepy makeup done for you ($15 if you can afford it) before the Zombie walk starts at 5 p.m. The Zombie parade will be followed by live shows by PUP, Chocolat and Duchess Says. Zombie hipsters and undead Québécois expected. It’s October in Canada so make sure to pack a coat and have somewhere warm to stay. No one wants to catch a cold chasing human prey.

Bristol – Oct. 28

Zombie Walks Bristol
Photo by Kevin Decherf

Probably among the smallest and quirkiest zombie walks, the Bristol Zombie Walk crawls through this student-city looking for human victims. Even the picturesque coast on the Southwest of England isn’t safe from terrorizing hordes of brain-eating zombies. Over 3,000 ghouls are expected to shamble through ‘Brizzle’ city centre before a party to ring in the impending zombie apocalypse kicks off at the Full Moon and Attic Bar. It’s going to be a thriller so make sure you’ve got some place close by to stay the night after the witching hour.

Taiwan – Oct. 21

Zombie Walks Taiwan
Photo by Zombie Run

Part George A. Romero, part Battle Royale, the popular themed Zombierun fun-run takes place in Taichung, Taiwan every October and is almost always sold-out. The 3K run has human participants run for their life as murderous zombies chase them through this bustling Taiwanese city. It’s also one of the more organized zombie-walks, with zombie wristbands, drawstring bags and liability insurance that covers zombie attacks offered to all participants. Finding a place where you zombies can crash is all in your deceased hands.

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Sydney – Nov. 4

Sydney Zombie Walk
Photo by Sydney Zombie Walk

Strictly speaking, the Sydney Zombie Walk Down Under comes in after Halloween and would be ideal for those who went to bed with their zombie make-up still on. Being hung-over from Halloween would allow any zombie visitors to this Australian city the perfect excuse to plod through its streets like monsters (don’t forget to book a place for the night – even a zombie needs shut-eye). The undead can also expect zombie food trucks and onsite makeup artists to help raise your zombie game.



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