Cancun Cuisine You Can’t Miss

cancun cuisine
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So you’ve decided to head to Cisco Live Cancun. What could be better than learning about your favorite technology in an incredible, beachside city in November? The food! Sure, you could eat the typical Mexican food like tacos or quesadillas, or you could check out some of these must-try foods native to the Yucatan Peninsula. Here’s our list of Cancun cuisine you can’t miss.

Lime Soup

cancun cuisine you can't miss
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Soup on a beach? With this flavorful dish, the answer is a definite yes. ‘Sopa de lima’ as it’s called in Spanish is almost synonymous with Cancun cuisine. Similar to your classic chicken soup, this soup is made from chicken broth, with habanero, cinnamon, clove, chicken, avocado, corn tortillas, and of course, limes added into the mix. You can find excellent lime soup anywhere in Cancun.


cancun cuisine
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Get your fried food fill with this traditional Cancun dish. Think of a classic mozzarella stick, but with meat and spicy hot peppers. Meats, usually pork or beef, and cheeses are stuffed inside a shell, deep fried, and topped with cabbage, jalapenos, and pickled red onions. Does this sound like the perfect snack? Luckily, you don’t need to search far to get your fill of kibis – vendors sell them all along the streets.

Cochinita Pibil

cancun cuisine
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Like slow-roasted pork? This traditional Yucatan dish, also known as “puerco pibil”, is slow-roasted pork that is cooked while wrapped in a banana leaf and marinated in bitter orange juice. The dish is then topped with achiote, the “saffron of Mexican cuisine.” Head to the famous Labna to get the best puerco pibil in town. Labna’s welcoming atmosphere and authentic food make it a restaurant you can’t miss.

Queso Relleno

cancun cuisine you can't miss
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Cheese fans, you will love this dish. Queso relleno translates to “filled cheese”, and is exactly what it sounds like. Minced meat, usually pork or beef, raisins, nuts, and spices, fill the hollowed inside of Edam cheese. The whole thing is then steamed and topped with hot sauce and a traditional white sauce. Find the best queso relleno in the city at Labna. Yes, this restaurant is already on our list, but it’s just that good.

Huevos Motuleños

cancun cuisine you can't miss
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Wake up to this breakfast dish filled with all the best flavors of Mexico. The dish consists of fried eggs on top of a tortilla, with black beans, cheese, chorizo, plantains, and salsa picante. The name, ‘huevos motulenos’ comes from the town of Motul, a town rich with Mayan culture and history in the Yucatan Peninsula. Hop into any breakfast place in the city for this classic dish.


cancun cuisine

All the flavors of fall you want in November, with a ‘cancunense’ twist. This dish is typically pork, or chicken wrapped in a tortilla shell dipped in ‘pepita’, a sauce made from pumpkin seeds. The tortillas are filled with hard-boiled eggs and topped with tomato-pepper sauce. Get this dish at Los Almendros, a family-friendly restaurant known for its classic Yucatan cuisine and must-try papadzules.

Panuchos Yucatecos and Salbutes

cancun cuisine you can't miss
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Stuff yourself with all the classic flavors of Mexico with these dishes. Fried tortillas filled with black beans. Meat, typically chicken or chorizo, top the dish for some added flavor. An additional topping traditionally consists of pickled red onions, giving the meal a crispy contrast to the soft tortilla and bean combo. Salbutes are extremely similar, with all the same ingredients, with one main difference – Salbutes don’t contain refried beans stuffed in the tortilla. Emara Antojitos Yucatecos is famous for their authentic Yucatan cuisine, and particularly for their excellent panuchos and salbutes.


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