Top Five Tech Conferences

Top five tech conferences
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Tech conferences are hugely important for everyone involved in the industry. This is their weekend for some in-depth exploration around the newest technologies and how they operate, or to witness the unveiling of the latest software developments, or to simply converse and share tips with fellow tech professionals.

There are so many awesome conferences to choose from and sometimes the options can be overwhelming. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top five tech conferences for IT professionals around the world, starting with Cisco Live Cancun in early November.


1. Cisco Live Cancun

Top five tech conferences
Photo by Cisco Live

Where would you rather be in early November? At home watching the winter winds roll in, or in a resort in sunny, summery Cancun, watching the waves roll in? If you chose the latter, check out Cisco Live in Cancun to learn about new, innovative technologies in a fun atmosphere.

When: Second week of November

Where: Cancun, Mexico

Conference Highlights:

Hands-on learning

This conference isn’t just about sitting and listening to speakers. It’s a hands-on experience that allows you to truly immerse yourself in the content. Special spaces throughout the venue let you test the newest technologies Cisco has to offer in pre-designed scenarios.

Not just a tech conference

Indulge in some of your other interests. Cisco Live Cancun turns an ordinary tech conference into a full festival. Want to run a 5K? Cisco Live has it. Want an activity that gives back to the community? Check out Cisco Live’s Social Impact program. Other fun events to look forward to are socials, client receptions, exhibitions, and more.


2. Microsoft Ignite

Tech conferences
Photo by Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite draws in over 23,000 attendees, making it one of the largest tech conferences in the country.

When: Last week of September

Where: Orlando, Florida.

Conference Highlights:


With a packed schedule of sessions and events, it can be hard to choose which to attend. Ignite’s “Hang Out Wall” is a 3,500-foot video wall streaming eight sessions at the same time. If you still didn’t catch the one you wanted, the official conference website contains hundreds more videos of the sessions to watch at your convenience

Speaker Lineup

Microsoft Ignite features hundreds of talks by experts in Microsoft technology. With such an impressive list of speakers, you will get your full share of learning from the best and brightest. Past speakers have included Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the Data Group Joseph Sirosh, and CQURE founder and CEO Paula Januszkiewicz.


3. AWS re:Invent

Top five tech conferences
Photo by AWS re:Invent

Learn about all the technology Amazon has to offer, become certified in cloud computing technology, and more at one of the largest tech conferences in the world.

When: Last week of November

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Conference Highlights:

Breakout sessions

Sometimes conferences can get dull, but with over 1,000 intriguing breakout sessions, workshops, and interactive ‘chalk talks’ across three levels, AWS re:Invent is anything but dull. Learn about how AWS’ technical services are impacting the cloud computing industry, explore the ins and outs of drones or Amazon’s Alexa, or master AWS’ mobile services to better run your company.

Product announcements

Be the first of your co-workers to learn about Amazon’s latest products. The unveiling will happen during the conference, giving attendees the chance to learn all of the intricacies of each new technology. Some of the features that debuted at AWS re:Invent 2016 included Amazon QuickSite, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and AWS Shield.


4. SpiceWorld

Tech conferences
Photo by Spiceworks

Not to be confused with the hit Spice Girls album, this SpiceWorld is a three-day tech meetup packed with talks and workshops. The event has been described as one of the most heavily talked about IT conferences.

When: Second week of October  

Where: Austin, Texas

Conference Highlights:

Engaging talks

SpiceWorld draws in 1,500 IT professionals looking to learn top-of-the-line tips and skills from a wide array of speakers. In past conferences, SpiceWorld held over 75 talks on IT topics in its three-day span. This year’s most interesting talk will likely come from Jeffrey Snover, who will talk about his invention, PowerShell, the useful automation engine.

Focus on Cybersecurity

You’ve invested a lot of time into your computer and your system and you want to protect your technology. SpiceWorld features talks by Kevin Mitnick, famous for hacking into the computers of 40 major corporations. Mitnick is a Cybersecurity consultant for various Fortune 500 companies. He uses his hacking expertise to teach you how to keep your information safe.

5. Google I/O

Tech conferences
Photo by Google I/O

Google I/O is Google’s three-day conference-turned-festival for participants who want to learn about the largest search engine’s software developments and how to use them most effectively.

When: Third week of May 

Where: Mountain View, California

Conference Highlights:

New Technology

Want to see Google’s newest technologies before anyone else? In the past, Google has unveiled some big features, such as Google Lens, which uses your phone camera to tell you all the key information about the object on the other side of the camera. Other new features announced were a new call feature on Google Home and Google Assistant for iPhone.


Have you ever looked at an app and thought “I could make that”? Google I/O gives you that chance. This hands-on feature lets you be in control. Codelabs allows attendees to build codes, create apps, or simply test out the newest gadgets online.


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