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Name: Hedonism II

Address: Hedonism II Resort, Westmoreland, PO Box 25 Negril, Jamaica

Hours: Open today · All day

Phone: +1 631-588-4336

Hedonism II is featured on our list of Top 5 Nudist Resorts in Jamaica

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Gizelle Jackson · 3 reviews

3 weeks ago – One of the best all inclusive hotels I’ve been to to date!!! A better more friendly and lively staff you cannot find anywhere else. Activities are all fun and entertaining. Love it and will def be going back! Hedo delivers on all their promises, every single one!

Me, Not You ·  76 reviews · 1 photo

A month ago – Great place. The people are great. It can go from mild to wild. The nude pool is where most of the fun is. Bring clothes appropriate for 90° and don’t over pack. Be sure to pack a flashlight.

Renee Garrison· Local Guide · 20 reviews · 18 photos

A month ago – We love Hedo. The people working here are the best.  Very friendly, fun and helpful. Every time we go we are welcomed home and are treated like family. The updates that are being done are awesome. Our next trip is in January and I can’t wait!!!!

Lucille Hayles ·  Local Guide · 24 reviews · 135 photos

7 months ago – This is the place where you can do whatever you want when it comes to pursuing pleasure. It’s currently being renovated but I’m not sure if that applies to all areas on the property. Although they have a nude beach you can walk around the property naked. The food there is great and if you’re into swinging you will probably have a blast

Rosina Hissaund · Local Guide · 45 reviews · 612 photos

11 months ago – Love this place, so calm and chilled where nobody judges anyone. Made friends with loads of people, even the staff. Will definitely be going back. The food could be spicier, but that’s the only minor thing. Love all the costume nights at dinner and all the pool games in the afternoon, so fun.

Eboney Gordon · 23 reviews

7 months ago – My husband and i are in the poly lifestyle and after wondering over to the nude side and being stripped down by two older ladies we were so forced to get comfortable and quick lol. We had a blast, its the only place my husband want to go now lol so this year we will be celebrating our honeymoon in hedo for mocha fest….we heard many good things about it from one of the staff named ashlee. Cant wait to get back… #420

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