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We’re excited to announce AllTheRooms Analytics is launching ATRA Premium: a monthly accommodations-focused subscription product that will provide industry insights leveraging the world’s largest and most complete accommodations database. Our mission to aggregate and catalog every room on the planet provides us with a unique perspective on what is transpiring across the entire accommodation spectrum, from short-term vacation rentals to hotels. Our ability to analyze macro and micro trends, by country, state, city, even neighborhood or specific property is incredibly powerful.

A subscription to ATRA Premium provides you with deep, unique insights into the entire accommodations space

What’s Included?

When you subscribe to an annual edition of ATRA Premium you’ll receive the following (including, but not limited to):

Airbnb and Vacation Rental 

– Total global inventory growth trends broken down by provider

– Total global instant book growth trends broken down by provider

– Total inventory and instant book growth trends by top 10 cities

– Total inventory broken down by type and category

– Airbnb hotel growth trends, by major hotel type and location

– For top 10 cities airbnb ADR, number of properties, nights booked, occupancy rates and gross revenues broken down by total, instant book, shared rooms, private rooms and entire homes

– Inventory churn reports for top 10 cities and top 10 countries

– Overlap analysis and matrix for top 10 cities

– Projected Forward Calendar for Top 10 Cities

– Occupancy rate and new listings alerts

– Customized competitive intelligence reports by specific geocode and address by ½ mile, 5 mile and 10 mile distributions

– Global macro accommodations listing by region, country and city

Vacation Rental Growth Trends

You’ll be provided with reports on Airbnb and vacation rental growth trends, including ‘instant book’ growth trends. These will be broken down by the top 10 cities and top 10 countries worldwide. If you’d like to get a taste for what our data can provide, you can check out our report on how Airbnb could dominate the market with its Instant Book trend.


Gross Revenues and Booking Rates

With the subscription, you’ll receive analytics on vacation rental gross revenues, total properties, average nightly rates, nights booked and booking rates. These will be broken down by the top 10 cities and top 10 countries, and they will include monthly trends within the countries and cities.

Churn Analysis

You will get a monthly Airbnb churn analysis, which will be formatted by the top 10 cities and the top 10 countries. This will show you how much inventory is falling off Airbnb on a monthly basis.

Overlap Analysis

We will provide you with analytics on the overlap in inventory between Airbnb, Homeaway, and TripAdvisor. This will be updated monthly and broken down by the top 50 cities and top 10 countries. Meanwhile, there will also be analysis on hotel trends, showing the total inventory breakdown, ADR, occupancy rate, and more.

Airbnb and Other Vacation Rental Provider Data

You’ll receive unique insights into Airbnb’s inventory, including weekly and monthly total inventory growth trends and total instant book trends. There will be analysis on inventory growth and inventory ‘instant book’ growth (both by the top 10 cities), alongside inventory broken down by type.

Meanwhile, we’ll provide you with further information on Airbnb hotel growth trends (broken down by hotel type and name), Airbnb ADR, the number of properties, the number of nights booked, the occupancy rate, gross revenues broken down by total, instant book, shared rooms, private rooms and entire homes for top 10 cities.

This will be in addition to the churn reports and overlap analysis with the aforementioned OTAs.

Daily Occupancy Rate and New Property Listing Alert

Our occupancy rate alert feature allows for daily utilization and occupancy alters down to specific individual properties. The report provides individual property details including: trailing and projected ADR, trailing and projected occupancy rate, nights booked, property level description and links to image gallery and url.

Competitive Intelligence Reports

Customized competitive intelligence reports provide access to ADR, number of properties, nights booked, occupancy rates, gross revenues broken down by total, instant book, shared rooms, private rooms and entire homes showing the impact that surrounding properties have on a specific asset. Reports are customized based upon geocode or specific address and provide data based on ½ mile, 5 mile and 10 mile distributions. Competitive intelligence reports also provide access to specific competitor sets and property level details.

Global Inventory

Our macro report provides insights into the entire global accommodations market and includes online hotels, offline hotels, multi-room dwellings, vacation rentals and non-traditional listings broken down by region, country and city.


For those of you who are interested in learning more please feel free to contact Joseph DiTomaso co-founder and CEO at 917-406-1213 or via email at

Joseph DiTomaso is the co-founder and CEO of AllTheRooms.

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