Press Release: AllTheRooms Launches “Show More”

Nov. 22, 2017

The AllTheRooms team is pleased to announce the implementation of the brand new “Show More” feature on all of our accommodations maps. The “show more” feature is a button on our accommodations search page that allows users to see not only our featured accommodations (the property options that our algorithm has selected as standouts based on reviews, price, location etc.) but all options in the immediate area.

Function: What are we showing more of?

On a regular AllTheRooms accommodation search, users see a map of the city or town with orange markers pinpointing the accommodation options that we’ve selected as “preferred”. This means users see the best of the best, but not all the rooms make the cut. The function of “Show More” is to literally show users all the rooms so that they can choose from a wider variety or find a room in a more specific location that doesn’t have a space on our preferred list.

After entering the required data for the standard search, users will see the map with the preferred properties and the show more option at the bottom of the map. After checking the Show More box at the bottom of the map, the map will flood with blue dots that represent the rooms that didn’t make the narrower search.

Answering the user’s call

Consumers who frequent Airbnb and other accommodation search sites are calling for more variety. As the market expands, inventory has to match demand and accommodation search sites have to expand in order to show all available inventory. The “Show More” feature is designed to fill this hole in the market.

Why is AllTheRooms cut out for addressing this need?

AllTheRooms provides the largest and most complete accommodations database on the internet. As the demand for more rooms rises, no accommodations site is better-suited to match the rise.


Another advantage that comes with Show More is the ability to find accommodations on a block to block basis. While the general search gives users accommodations options scattered across the selected city or town, Show More fills in those empty spaces with the properties the general search left out. Travelers looking to stay within a five-block radius of the office will save themselves a headache with the click of a button.

AllTheRooms is the largest and most complete accommodation search engine with over 13 million options worldwide. Browse our comprehensive list and customize it to your preferences to find your sweet spot. From a hammock in the Caribbean to a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong, we’ve got it all.

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