The Top Five Malibu Ocean View Properties

Top five could easily become top 50. It’s Malibu after all, and there’s no shortage of breathtaking homes with “I swear this is the most beautiful place in the world” views of the water. So what were we looking for when we scanned our Malibu accommodations map? Well, we kept it simple.

We selected the top five Malibu ocean view properties that blew us out of the water with their architecture, pools, privacy and most of all, views of the ocean. Safe to say we pulled out all stops for this one. Here are our top five Malibu ocean view properties. 

1. Villa Sogno

The view from Villa Sogno is nothing short of otherworldly. The 11,000 square foot Italian villa looks out over Zuma Beach and out towards steeper bluffs further down the coast. Starting your day with that view and a quick dip in the infinity pool sounds pretty close to paradise. Sunset swims would take it to another level.  

The house itself is a sprawling one-story structure that lets in plenty of natural light with floor to ceiling windows and skylights. A pizza oven, a full outdoor barbecue setup, a walk-in wine cave and a firepit are some of the finer amenities. The six bedrooms mean you can bring the whole crew.

2. Bluff Views

This house seems to check every box. Beautiful Spanish architecture, creative interior design, ocean views from multiple rooms (you can take a bath and look out over the Pacific), and both patio area and a grassy outcropping that also give you impeccable views of the ocean. 

The property’s Airbnb page uses the word “stunning” and we couldn’t agree more. A tennis court, a wine cellar, a pool with waterfalls and two guest homes on the property are added bonuses if the house and view alone don’t have you hooked. Seven bedrooms give you and those lucky enough to stay there with you plenty of space.

3. Ocean View Farmhouse

This farmhouse in the Malibu hills wins the character award. On one side of the property, you get views of rolling hills and vineyards. On the other side, you get views of the Pacific. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? The secluded setting makes this house the winner if you’re trying to escape it all for a weekend.

Twenty-five-foot ceilings, French doors that lead you out into the outdoor spaces, and interior design straight out of a magazine give this house plenty of personality. An outdoor dining area, a saltwater hot tub, and a separate guest house with a loft are extra bonuses.

4. Zuma Beach Villa

The simple and understated exterior is deceiving. Inside the gray walls is a meticulously decorated interior and gorgeous views of the ocean. The dark hardwood floors and the doors that open up to views of the hills and the Pacific are our two favorite details.

Five bedrooms and a full outdoor dining area make this Malibu getaway perfect for families and groups of friends looking to spend some quality time over a long weekend.

5. Calcare Villa

The other houses on the list could be considered lavish, but this Malibu palace truly deserves a place in the “over-the-top” category. We feel like a Saudi prince would keep this as his Southern California getaway.

It appears as if the entire house is made of stone and marble and you wouldn’t be outdoing yourself if you arrive expecting a red carpet and a Rolls Royce to shuttle you into downtown LA. That might stretch it a bit, but the private beach access just a few hundred meters from the house really does come with it and just might be better. The view of the ocean from the pool area is icing on the cake.

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