Press Release: AllTheRooms Partners With Experimental Aircraft Associations


Nov. 22, 2017

The Experimental Aircraft Association puts on one of the largest air shows in the U.S. every July in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and attracts nearly 600,000 attendees.

With 600,000 people coming to the relatively small community of Oshkosh, the accommodations market can get extremely competitive.

To address the accommodations challenge, EAA called on AllTheRooms to create a customized event page designed to facilitate attendee accommodation searching and booking. Attendees who land on the event page have access to all available rooms in the Oshkosh area and will dodge the headache of scouring the internet for the perfect room.

A new partnership, the EAA-AllTheRooms team will look to expand and innovate in 2018.

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