Press Release: AllTheRooms Partners With OFFSET


– Nov. 22, 2017

OFFSET is a design conference in Dublin that features graphic designers, illustrators, video game designers and other designers of all types from all over the world.

With attendees coming from near and far, OFFSET understands that providing an efficient and expansive accommodations system is critical to making an excellent experience for OFFSET goers.

To address this accommodations need, OFFSET partnered with AllTheRooms and employed some of ATR’s latest technology.

As opposed to the typical off-site event page, OFFSET tasked AllTheRooms with creating an on-site accommodations widget to allow potential attendees to find and book accommodations directly from the OFFSET event page. The widget includes an interactive map that shows the best accommodations options, their prices, and reviews as the user moves throughout the city.

The OFFSET-AllTheRooms partnership is one of the first to put the new ATRs technology to the test and will look to expand in the new year.

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