The 6 Most Beautiful Fincas in Antioquia, Colombia

most beautiful fincas in Medellin

Antioquia is a naturally beautiful department in a naturally beautiful country. And Colombians and visitors alike head to fincas (country homes) to escape the city and take in, well, the natural beauty. Sound like a good combination? For those of you headed to Colombia looking to balance your time between city exploration and country relaxation, we’ve done some digging and found the 6 most beautiful fincas in Antioquia.


A Finca for the Whole Crew in Santa Fe de Antioquia

the 6 most beautiful fincas in antioquia
Photo by Julian

Santa Fe de Antioquia is one of the most popular finca spots in the entire department and welcomes visitors from nearby Medellin looking to party or just kick their feet up every weekend. It’s famous for its hot weather and a finca in Santa Fe de Antioquia is synonymous with pool time. With that in mind, we picked this family finca for its beautiful pool, hot tub and expansive outdoor entertaining space. The house backs up to a massive backyard that holds the pool, a jacuzzi, a covered eating area and another covered area complete with hammocks that look out over the valley. There’s also plenty of green grass for a family soccer game. There’s enough space for 16 guests so bring the whole crew.


Modern Lake Cabin in Guatape

beautiful fincas in guatape antioquia

Just an hour and a half outside of Medellin, Guatape is one of the most beautiful parts of Colombia, nevermind Antioquia. A massive system of interconnected lakes surrounds the town of Guatape itself and a massive rock ready for scaling towers over it all. Visitors can hike up the rock, explore the lakes on jet skis or boats and sample some of the freshly caught trout. While the standard activities are great, this luxury cabin takes the Guatape experience to another level. Hidden away from the main town on the banks of one of the more distant lakes, this finca looks right out over the water and the deck space is complete with a jacuzzi for a little relaxation after a day of exploring. Jet ski and boat rentals are easy to find so plan on spending plenty of time out on the water. With four bedrooms and three baths, there’s room for up to ten guests.


A True Antioquian Experience in Jardin

beautiful fincas in Jardin antioquia
Photo by Emma

We’ve talked a lot about natural beauty so far, but the conversation wouldn’t be complete without Jardin. Located about four hours south of Medellin, Jardin is a sleepy, classic Antioquian pueblo known for its cobblestone streets, beautiful main church and excellent hiking in the surrounding hills. If you go on one of those hikes you’ll certain to find an excellent view from one of the hilltops. Someone clearly inspired by those views chose to build this gorgeous finca outside of town on top of a hill in a classic Colombian style. Wake up to fresh coffee and fruit juice made on-site from beans and fruit gathered on the property itself. Explore the plantations, go on a hike (or on horseback) looking for the town’s famous waterfalls, grab lunch in the town and explore its streets, then finish it all up on the finca’s swing set that looks out over the rolling hills. Sunsets won’t disappoint, we promise. The hosts will be on the property (with their German Shepherd named Rasta) so you can rent just a bed for you or you can bring some friends. There’s room for up to ten.


Take in the Medellin Countryside in El Retiro

beautiful fincas in Antioquia
Photo by Esteban

El Retiro is a finca destination in the mountains just south of Medellin that fills a special niche for folks in the city looking to escape without the hassle of traveling three or four hours through the country. You can enjoy a day of exploring in Medellin, hop in the car, and be back in El Retiro in under an hour. We picked this El Retiro finca for travelers looking to balance city and country, and boy is it a beauty. We’re not sure there is a house on this list that pays greater attention to details. From the palm tree-lined driveway to the hardwood floors to the stone finishing on the patio to classic Antioquian two tone exterior color design, saying this house is well put together would be an understatement. The property has a plenty of space with a small soccer field and lush vegetation surrounding the house that gives it a sort of a hidden feeling. Inside the house there’s stone bar and out on the patio area you’ll find a pool table. The whole setup is perfect for entertaining. There’s room for up to 16.


Mountainside Finca in the Coffee Region

beautiful fincas in Antioquia
Photo by HomeAway

he “famous coffee zone” is generally thought of as being comprised of the departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda, but Antioquia has its little section as well. As its name suggests, the region is famous for its coffee plantations, but also its incredible natural beauty. The rolling green hills and deep valleys are absolutely stunning and the general sense of tranquility in the region makes it perfect for finca getaways. Where better to enjoy coffee region views than from a finca on a mountainside? Probably nowhere. This massive finca in the Antioquian pueblo of Salgar sits on a leveled out section of a mountainside. The views, as you might imagine, are nothing short of incredible and the house follows closely behind in wow factor. On the first floor you’ll find a swimming pool and jacuzzi that lead almost directly into the kitchen and a deck that stretches the entirety of the first floor. Climb the stairs and you’ll find most of the bedrooms and a balcony complete with hammocks so you can get your fill of the view in comfort. The house is absolutely massive so bring your friends and maybe their friends too.


Two Person Forest Getaway Outside Medellin

beautiful fincas in Medellin
Photo by Matthew

Most of the fincas on our list so far are for large groups looking to get away from the city and relax or party with family and friends. That might leave you wondering about the smaller fincas in the region. Say no more. This forest cabin in El Retiro is about as secluded as one can ask for and just about as beautiful too. Built into a cliffside, surrounded by jungle vegetation and within earshot of a waterfall, this finca is the epitome of an escape. The first floor houses a kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom and the second floor is an open terrace dining or lounging space. El Retiro’s town center is close by and the city of Medellin is well within striking distance.


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