Top Eight Places for Your Destination Wedding

places for your destination wedding

Wedding bells are ringing and you’re trying to figure out a place to have the big day. Destination weddings are the perfect solution for the couple who loves to travel and is looking for something other than the neighborhood church or banquet hall. A Hawaii wedding, while beautiful of course, may be cliche, and someone like you wants to think outside the box. Go for a place a little more off the beaten path, but equally as stunning in scenery (if not more breathtaking), and read about the top eight places for your destination wedding.

1. Maine

top places for your destination wedding

Maine is full of extreme landscapes. With beaches, cliff-lined shores dotted with lighthouses, and pine tree forests, you get all the best scenery in one place. While the weather is best for an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer, the fall will give you beautiful colors. Changing leaves falling from the sky in front of a white steeple church in a small New England town — your wedding photos and venue will keep everyone talking for days. Maine is also great for more laid-back weddings. Want to get married in a barn? Sure! How about on the shore? You can do that too. A garden wedding? Maine is definitely perfect for that too.

2. Wyoming

best places for your destination wedding

The perfect spot for the adventure-loving couple. With authentic dude ranches, barns, and farmland for miles, you can have the rustic yet glamorous wedding of your dreams. Deep in the mountains, your wedding week will be filled with outdoor sports and activities. Skiing down the trails or hiking up in the summer, fly fishing, horse riding, and so much more — your guests will have so much fun in Wyoming. Plus, think about the beautiful backdrops for your vows. Imagine all chairs set up in a field facing the altar, in front of a stunning mountain peak. Between your dress, the beautiful ceremony, and the breathtaking views, your guests won’t be able to tear their eyes away. Check out the town of Jackson Hole for huge resorts nestled in the Teton Mountains.

3. Ireland

top places for your destination wedding

Charming Ireland, with castles, vibrant green grass and blue skies, and centuries worth of rich history, this country is without a doubt the best backdrop for your destination wedding. The country’s extreme landscapes, like the Cliffs of Moher, or the calm countryside castles and cottages mean you can pick any location for your big day, and you can rest assured that the setting will be picture perfect. The people who call the Emerald Isles home are wonderful hosts. They’re welcoming, friendly, and love a good party. A wedding in Ireland means not just beautiful backgrounds, but also the best wedding hosts you could ask for.

4. Costa Rica

places for your destination wedding

If it’s romantic, tropical beaches you’re looking for, why not check out Costa Rica? This Central American country is small, yet is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. The beaches in Costa Rica are pristine with palm trees lining the coast, soft white sand, and vibrant blue water.  Plus, spots on either side of the country are far less crowded than some of the other beach spots in the Caribbean or Central America, giving you the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. In between ceremonies and festivities for your big day, Costa Rica is full of unique beaches and jungle adventures. From zip lining through cloud forests to hiking volcanoes to learning to surf or going scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, you and your guests will have memories to last a lifetime.

5. New Zealand

best destination wedding places

Whatever kind of scenery it is that you want, New Zealand has it. With towering mountains, clear blue waters, vibrant green hillsides, and more all in the small nation, there’s a lot to choose from. On New Zealand’s North Island, home to Auckland and Wellington, you’ll find Tongariro National Park and its looming mountains and emerald lakes, the romantic Lake Taupo, and the Hobbit movie set, if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan looking for a fun and unique wedding setting. The South Island is home to the stunning Milford Sound, the breathtaking Fiordland National Park and its glaciers and fjords, and the majestic Lake Wakatipu. Lord of the Rings fans will love New Zealand, as various spots around the country were used for filming the series. With so many great spots, your big day will have the most awe-inspiring setting you could think of.

6. South Africa

top seven places for your destination wedding

This country is quickly becoming a popular destination for a beautiful wedding. The magnificent scenery of the country draws in hundreds of couples every year to spend their big day in South Africa. Head to Cape Town for vineyards that make it feel like a trip to France. You can’t go wrong with a beachside wedding, and South Africa’s coast is a great spot for blue waves for days. If you want something unique, head to one of South Africa’s many famous safaris. Yes, you can get married on a safari, where your guest list will include all the great South African wildlife as well as your friends and family.

7. Guatemala

top seven places for your destination wedding

Beach vibes and ancient cultures combine for an unforgettable experience in this destination. Antigua is an obvious choice. With charming, colorful, colonial buildings lining every street, this UNESCO World Heritage site is enough to bring you back in time. Lake Atitlan is another great wedding destination in the country. The picturesque site, with the deep blues of the lake against the looming mountains in the background make it a site that’s sure to be unforgettable. Plus, with beaches and great weather, you really can’t miss out on Guatemala.

8. Nevada

Nevada destination wedding

From amazing, isolated sites to busy, thrilling cities, Nevada is a place that truly has it all. For the outdoorsy couple, a wedding in Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is the ideal. With clear, teal lakes, towering red rock mountains, and acres of fresh, green grass, the park is a true gem in the state. For the adventure-loving couple, why not Las Vegas? Surely you’re thinking that sounds cheesy, but a wedding in Las Vegas can be the event of the year. With exquisite resorts, casinos fit for the stars, and classic wedding chapels, your wedding will be classy and exciting all at the same time. Check out more about Las Vegas destination weddings and how to have a wedding fit for royalty in Sin City.

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