4 Can’t-Miss Glamping Experiences

Camping isn’t always what you dream it up to be. Sometimes you literally have to  learn to survive in nature by setting up your own tents, cooking your own food (which might have included hunting or fishing for it, too), getting your own water, finding a way to wash-up in the freezing river, and using the most readily available technique to answer nature’s calling. Fast forward a few years to the concept of Glamping. Someone does everything to make sure your crew is comfortable while camping. Trade the muddy ground for a soft bed. What more could you ask for? We’ve done some digging and picked out four of our favorite glamping spots across the globe. Check out some of our favorite glamping spots around the world to get your curiosity going.

The Bali House & Bali Cottage – Hawaii

Hawaii is a magical place. Gorgeous beaches and great weather make the islands a great experience for all visitors. However, visit the Bali House & Bali Cottage at Kehena Beach for a truly intimate experience surrounded by a picture-perfect paradise. This secluded accommodation includes everything you would expect from a luxury hotel but in the middle of lush tropical gardens and feet away from Hawaii´s picturesque beaches. As if that wasn’t good enough, you can also enjoy different treatments at the spa, get something prepared in the kitchen, and enjoy activities at the beach and in nature.

Kahikatea Farm – New Zealand

The Bay of Plenty on the west side of New Zealand lives up to its name with incredible characteristics that make it both unique and unforgettable. Right in the heart of the Bay, you´ll find a gem called Kahikatea Farm. In this farm, visitors rent the entire place for themselves and enjoy full luxury amenities that include a queen-size bed, hot shower, hot tub, barbecue grill, fully-equipped kitchen, and much more. But the best part is being isolated from everything and being able to experience nature to the fullest surrounded by huge kahikatea trees and groves of nikau palms, iconic New Zealand flora.

The Escape – Australia

Located west of Canberra in the southern tip of Australia and lined by the Clyde River is the fabulous luxury glamping experience offered by The Escape. Be surrounded by nature and tranquility while being pampered with wine, hot tubs, spa treatments, gourmet meals made with fresh local ingredients, and comfortable bedding. Top off your Australian Glamping trip by experiencing true adventures au-naturel such as kayaking, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and visiting local beaches. Looking up at the starry night skies is a perfect way to end each day.

Game of Thrones Overnight Glamping Experience – Ireland

No better way to close this list than with an adventure taken right from the TV screen. The Game of Thrones Overnight Glamping Experience, located just 40 minutes from Belfast, Ireland, is a truly magical experience for fans of the TV show and for glamping enthusiasts as well. You’ll get to experience adventures inspired by the TV series like archery practice, boating tours to different locations in Ireland related to the story, medieval-style banquets, and even meeting the real dire wolves from the show. 

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