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Where to Volunteer in South Africa


Filled with amazing places to visit, from great safari adventures and incredible wildlife national parks to modern cities and traditional villages, South Africa offers options for all sorts of people to visit, including tourists, adventurers, and generous souls who seek to volunteer their time and effort in order to put in their grain of sand into […]

Dining Etiquette Around The World


You can’t travel the world with one set of dining etiquette. So how does one adapt as they skip across the globe? We have a little guide to show you the way. Alistair Alistair is a journalist by trade currently learning the ropes in Medellin, Colombia. Although the football to futbol transition is off to […]

Top 6 Picks for Glamping in Slovenia

glamping in Slovenia

Here at AllTheRooms, we’re suckers for the lesser-known off the beaten track-type places. Yes, we love Paris, Rome, New York and all that, but sometimes we crave a little Slovenia in our vacation coverage. We want to send you to the places yet to be explored where you can get out in nature and see […]

The 6 Best Spots for Glamping in Portugal

glamping in Portugal

Portugal is home to some of the most beautiful coastline in all of Europe. You have your rugged side. The jagged peaks and rough surf are not unlike those of California’s coast. But you have a flavor of more traditional Southern Europe in the southern Algarve Coast which is home to calmer surf and warmer […]

The World’s Best Airbnbs

best airbnbs

Pretty lofty title, huh? Well, someone has to do it. The fact is, there’s a world out there full of luxurious, incredibly remote, creative and seemingly gravitationally impossible Airbnbs. We have one simple criterion: wow factor. By that we mean: which Airbnbs make us say wow and then stay put in our heads as a […]

How to Go Glamping in Kauai

glamping in Kauai

Kauai is a standout among standouts. The Hawaiian Islands as a whole are world-renowned for their natural beauty, but Kauai has carved out a special niche for itself. Ask those in the know and they’ll almost certainly point you towards Kauai if you ask where to see Hawaii’s natural side. Hidden waterfalls tucked away in […]

7 Hidden Gem Oman Airbnbs

Oman Airbnbs

We tend to view the Gulf States as straining towards the future, often at an uncomfortably fast pace. Massive super malls, towering skyscrapers and exotic cars dotting the desert as oil money pours in — at times it can be hard to trace the culture and history. It’s sort of a Goldilocks-type conundrum. There’s the […]

Tips For First-Time Airbnb Guests

Alistair Alistair is a journalist by trade currently learning the ropes in Medellin, Colombia. Although the football to futbol transition is off to a rough start, the rest of the equation is balancing out well. If he wasn’t an AllTheRooms content writer, he would almost certainly be neck-deep in the Medellin reggaeton scene.

Top 6 Airbnbs in Hungary

airbnbs in Hungary

A nighttime cruise down the Danube River might just be one of the most beautiful tours you can take in all of Europe. The Parliament Building with its Gothic Revival Architecture is lit up in gold and its reflection across the black river seems almost otherworldly. The country’s architecture is world-famous and its food is […]

Top 6 Airbnbs in Bhutan for the Adventurers

where to stay in bhutan

So you’ve been around the world and seen it all. The usual sites are now, well, usual and that thrill of exploring a new place is calling you to more remote corners of the world. So where to? Hoe about Bhutan? From the semitropical southern region to the mountainous northern region and its towering peaks, […]

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