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The Cayman Islands’ Best Airbnbs

Where to stay in The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are the office worker suffering through winter’s favorite daydream. If it’s not the palm trees, ocean breeze and general tranquility, then it’s the snorkeling, diving and deep sea fishing that push the islands into your head on those cold winter days. Whether you’ve been before or you’re looking to explore the islands […]

Best Airbnbs in Senegal

best airbnbs in Senegal

For the adventurous travelers seeking new destinations on Africa’s west coast, Senegal offers plenty. The wealth of natural attractions, history from French colonial times and prior, and the active coastal capital of Dakar are just a few of the main draws. Of course, travelers headed to Senegal have already checked off all the boxes at […]

Best Airbnbs in Nepal

nepal best airbnbs

Few travelers can say they’ve made the trek to Nepal. Even fewer can say they’ve enjoyed their stay in one of the country’s best Airbnbs. Whether you’re headed to Kathmandu, or somewhere a little more off the beaten path, we can safely determine based on your travel choices that you’re not one to settle for […]

Top 7 Beaches in Florida

5 beaches in florida

Ah yes, Florida. That peninsula that stretches down into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and saves freezing northerners suffering in the heart of winter with its palm trees, warm breezes, and sandy beaches. As far as “escapes” go in the lower 48, Florida is about as good as it gets. And where […]

Is Morocco Safe?


There comes a time when the traditional global traveler hits a wall. Rome, Paris and Hong Kong no longer seem so foreign and the thrill of new discovery is a feeling that doesn’t hit you often enough. This is when you dive a little deeper and build up the courage to trod of the worn […]

The Top Five Malibu Ocean View Properties

TOP - Pixabay (1)

Top five could easily become top 50. It’s Malibu after all, and there’s no shortage of breathtaking homes with “I swear this is the most beautiful place in the world” views of the water. So what were we looking for when we scanned our Malibu accommodations map? Well, we kept it simple. We selected the […]

Where to Stay and What to Eat at Mardi Gras

where to stay and what to eat at Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is one heck of a party. There are times when it’s all too easy to get caught up in the parades, the music and the general revelry that sweeps through the city of New Orleans every February. While we know you come for the party and the culture, here at AllTheRooms, we want […]

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival Insider’s Guide

tenerife carnival

Hundreds of thousands of masked revelers dressed in every color of the rainbow pack the streets to dance, sing, pick a queen, catch concerts and generally bask in the perfectly over-the-top extravagance of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival. Sounds like fun, huh? Only Rio’s Carnival makes a splash and a few nights of carnival […]

Where to Stay for the Super Bowl: Minneapolis’ Best Airbnbs and Rentals

Where to stay for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is headed to Minneapolis and it’ll bring plenty of chaos with it. We love the Super Bowl, don’t get us wrong, but from an accommodations standpoint, it causes some problems. The Twin Cities will become somewhat of a zoo when gameday rolls around and getting the room you want will become a […]

Time Flies: What to Do During a Layover

walk during a layover

There are two types of layover people: the prepared and the unprepared. For us here at AllTheRooms, we’re interested in helping travelers transition from the inexperienced masses wandering the airport aimlessly, to the elite few who know exactly what to do with the eleven hours before their flight to Sydney. Maybe you’ve seen them. Maybe […]

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