We’re on a quest here at AllTheRooms. With a diverse, creative, multinational team, we’re out to offer our users every single hotel, Airbnb, short-term rental, hammock, yacht etc. on the market. Daunting? Certainly. Attainable? Absolutely. A Medellin-New York joint-base startup, we have the organization and structure of New York and the adventurous spirit and creativity of Medellin. We like to think of it as a dream combination.

As the internet’s largest, most complete accommodations search engine, we have a strong foundation, but we still face the challenge of making AllTheRooms a household name in the travel world. Interested in helping us blaze the path? Check out the open positions below!

Who are we looking for?

We look for a wide range of skills in our candidates, but there are a few traits that are required from everyone regardless of position. All of our employees are adaptable mission-focused problem solvers looking to contribute in whatever way they can. They’re responsible team players looking for creative freedom and the opportunity to be a part of a growing young company.  

Available Positions

Content Writer

Content writers fill our website with well-researched informative content designed to inspire and educate the traveler. Pieces can range from full-on investigations into safety and security concerns for travelers headed to Pakistan to tracking down and creating a list of the ten best waterfront Airbnbs in Brazil.

Preferred Experience/Requirements/Traits

– Prior content creation experience

– Journalism experience

– Willingness to make Medellin home

– Experience maintaining a personal blog or contributing to a shared blog on a consistent basis

– Passion for travel

-Ability to write in a variety in format and tones

To apply send your resume and cover letter to


Social Media Manager

The social media manager is tasked with both informing the social media world on AllTheRoom’s developments and spreading our brand. The manager is our microphone to the world. He or she will manage all social media accounts and consistently explore new social media opportunities. Innovation and creativity are key in this position. AllTheRooms is growing rapidly and our social media team has to be ahead of it all.

Preferred Experience/Requirements/Traits

– Minimum of one year experience managing a company’s social media accounts

– Experience running travel social media accounts is a bonus

– Willingness to make Medellin home

– Experience with a wide range of social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Pinterest

– Experience with email marketing. Knowledge of Mailchimp is a bonus

– Basic design skills

– Strong organization and time-management skills

– Self-driven and proactive

– Strong communication skills, verbal, non-verbal and written

– Excellent English 

– Artistic eye

To apply send your resume and cover letter to


Content Link Researcher

Content link researchers are tasked with finding the best content on the Internet. They figure out what’s trending in the travel world and how AllTheRooms can use that information to match a trend or create a new one. They are responsible for discovering new projects that can build out into new link building strategies. Think of the researcher’s as AllTheRoom’s content compass.

Preferred Experience/Requirements/Traits

– Self-driven, responsible

– Basic experience in digital marketing

– Willingness to make Medellin home

– Fluent in English

– Strong organization and time-management skills

– Innovative and solution oriented

– Willing to be coached

– Self-driven, proactive

To apply send your resume and cover letter to