Data archives: TOP 50 Global Cities: December 2017

See also: Airbnb data AllTheRooms Analytics Check out the original report here. City Median Rate Property Count Whole Home Private Room Shared Room Instant Book London $137.00 66.6 34.7 31.2 0.7 20.6 Paris $90.53 63.8 55.7 7.5 0.5 16.0 New York City $147.82 47.3 23.8 22.4 1.2 12.8 Rio de Janeiro $86.69 40.6 28.4 11.0 […]

Airbnb Data – Get the Scoop on One of Hottest Companies in the Rental Industry

Read more Below you’ll find our articles and reports we’ve done analyzing Airbnb and associated rental market trends. Airbnb Data and Analysis from AllTheRooms Analytics Articles on Airbnb Airbnb and Instant Booking: A Recipe for Market Domination The 7 Top/Bottom Countries for Airbnb Airbnb Data Analytics: Aix-en-Provence Airbnb U.S. Short Term Rental Home Counts […]

Best Beaches in the World: Infographic

  Read more: Best Beaches in Spain Cuba’s Best Beaches Best Beaches in Germany List of Best Beaches The 10 Best Beaches in Greece Best Beaches Around the World Best Beaches in California Top Beaches in Mexico Best Beaches in Texas Best Beaches in Costa Rica Best Beaches in Vietnam Best Beaches in Hawaii Best […]

Best Beaches in Spain

best beaches in spain

Looking for a European getaway and a relaxing beach vacation? Spain! From the cities to the coasts to the islands off the country’s shores, Spain has everything you need for an ultimate vacation. Spain’s coasts and islands are filled with some of the world’s best beaches, both big and small, both calm and exciting, giving […]

Cuba’s Best Beaches

Playa los flamencos cuba

One of the world’s up-and-coming destination spots, Cuba has everything you’re looking for: history, charming cities, warm weather, and some of the most beautiful beaches. Cuba, only recently opened to American tourists, should definitely be your next go-to vacation. Check out our list of Cuba’s best beaches. 1. Playa Los Flamencos Translating to “The Flamingos […]

Best Beaches in Germany

best beaches in germany

This article was written by ATR guest writer Melanie Miksis When you think “beach getaway,” Germany may not be the first destination that comes to mind. Who could blame you with its internationally renowned Christmas Markets and snow-kissed castles? Surprisingly, you’ll soon find that the Western European country has much more to offer along its […]

Wine Vacation Destinations: Bordeaux

Bordeaux wine vacation

Oh Bordeaux! Land of delicious bread, cheeses and…red wine! If you’re looking for a wine vacation destination, Bordeaux has it all, from grand chateaus, through to rolling green countryside and quaint, medieval villages. As for wine, Bordeaux is known for its world-class reds and produces some of the finest and most expensive wines in the […]

The 5 Best Castles in England

best castles in England

As the famous saying goes, every Englishman knows ‘his home is his castle’, so it’s no surprise that England is home to some of the best castles in the world. It’s said the world’s first castle was built in the UK during the Norman period which began in the year 1066. We’ve rounded up the […]

The 5 Best Castles in Germany

best castles in Germany

Germany is the land of fairytale castles nestled in beautiful forests. In the past, castles played an important role in the defense of Germany, which has a history of knights, nobles and bloody warfare. Many of the castles have been restored to near-perfection and no visit to Germany would be complete without gazing in awe […]

Top 1000 Trending Rental Listings

Property Name Listings The Edge – Mugla View Pousada Cururu Lodge, Presidente EpitacioPousada Cururu – Alvares Machado View Selangor Villa Rental View TWO BEDROOM CONDO ON ISLETA CT – 2CPON – Palm Springs View Bright & Open Space in Bandung – Bandung View Saint Thomas House Rental View Kolkata Weekend Getaways-Luxury Jungle Tent – Kolkata […]

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