The Top Travel Destinations for 2018

top travel destinations for 2018

Can you believe it’s nearly 2018? Neither can we! As the world’s largest accommodation search engine, we know a thing or two about what and where you are looking to stay. We’ve rounded up the top five countries to travel to in 2018, from exploring Colombia’s Caribbean coast, through to eating unique and wonderful foods […]

Cancun Cuisine You Can’t Miss

cancun cuisine

So you’ve decided to head to Cisco Live Cancun. What could be better than learning about your favorite technology in an incredible, beachside city in November? The food! Sure, you could eat the typical Mexican food like tacos or quesadillas, or you could check out some of these must-try foods native to the Yucatan Peninsula. […]

Your 2-day Itinerary for Mexico City

48 hours in Mexico City: Travel Itinerary

The electricity and life that comes sprawling out of Mexico City is definitely on everyone’s radar. The historic city is booming with culture and a newly developed cosmopolitan feel. Follow this 2-day itinerary to guide you through the must-sees. From food, to markets, to plazas and nightlife, we’ve got you covered with the best that Mexico City […]

Stay Safe in Mexico with This Guide

Guide to Safety in Mexico

Mexico is a vibrant country full of many friendly people, eager to welcome you with open arms. However, like anywhere in the world, some people have alternative motives so you need to practice some general safety awareness. Here’s our guide on how to practice safety in Mexico. Hail a taxi at a designated sitio Mexico […]

Mexico’s Top 5 Beach Cities

Beach Cities in Mexico

Mexico is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. With over 6,000 miles of coastline, it’s clear to see why these sun-kissed waters capture the attention of so many. Each beach city offers its own unique charm and desirable elements. Adventure out to any of these top five beach cities to […]

5 of the cheapest places to travel

cheap places to travel

There are so many amazing things to see in the world, yet the one of the top reasons that people don’t travel is a lack of funds. Luckily, we found the solution! These 5 destinations are worth the trip and the price, and are among the cheapest places to travel. With these on your radar you can travel at […]

The top 3 destinations in Mexico for spring break

Photo by Scott Webb

To plan your ideal spring break you first must choose the destination, and the only thing more exciting than having an entire week off of school is going international! Mexico is the #1 spring break destination, so why look anywhere else? Anyway, when you’re choosing from the best of the best, not much can go wrong. Compare these top 3 places in Mexico that offer a […]

8 Things I have learned as a Female Solo Traveler


  1. Enjoy myself I have no issue with doing stuff on my own. Being with company is good, but being alone has its own fascination. After you learn to enjoy yourself everything else becomes more enjoyable. I can enjoy staying at home on a Friday night, wandering around in cities, or just laying down […]

The Coolest Places to Stay in Cartago, Costa Rica


Seeking an adventure? Look no further. We’re smitten with Cartago, Costa Rica (a city about 15 miles east of the country’s capital, San Jose). We’d gladly set up camp at any of these places to stay in Cartago. Pacuare Lodge If you’re looking for luxury adventure, look no further than this unique lodge and hotel. […]