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Best villas to stay malaysia

City/Region Country Browse Airbnbs Kasol India Book Letterkenny Ireland Book Panglao Philippines Book Cluj-Napoca Romania Book Inverness Scotland – United Kingdom Book Carilo Argentina Book Playa Bonita Bariloche Book Horseshoe Bay Magnetic Island Book Southampton Bermuda Book Fairbank Toronto Book El Rodadero Santa Marta Book Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Book City of Westminster London Book […]

The Nine Best Villas in Malaysia for a Relaxing Vacation

villas in malaysia

Looking for an off the beaten track luxury vacation? Check out Malaysia. With rainforests, hidden beaches, and adventure all around, you’ll never run out of things to do in this Southeast Asian paradise. As for the luxury part, you need to stay in a villa. With views of the ocean or of the surrounding rainforest, […]

Guide to Malta – Beaches, History and Nightlife


Malta is a fascinating and exciting Mediterranean destination that frequently flies under the radar. Although it’s full of history, great beaches, and a vibrant nightlife, most Americans who can’t find it on a map, much less talk about much it offers. From its rich history to stunning beaches and seemingly never-ending options for nightlife, Malta is […]

Top 6 Airbnbs in Haiti for Adventurers

Where to stay in Haiti

Haiti is for the adventurer. Unlike other Caribbean islands that boast large, protected resorts that meet your every desire to the point where you see no need to leave the resort, Haiti is for travelers who like to go out and explore, do things for themselves, and enjoy both the bumps and beauties of the unbeaten […]

The 5 Best Chalets in Malaysia

best chalets in malaysia

From rainforest to white sand beaches, Malaysia has tons of paradise-like islands and coastline that you can explore. To make your trip all the more authentic, why not avoid hotels and opt for a more rustic experience in a wooden chalet. From chalets on stilts in the middle of the ocean, through to huts in […]

Top 6 Waterfront Airbnbs in Madagascar

airbnbs in madagascar

Any time we check out Airbnbs for an island nation our expectations are high. We want oceanfront properties with great views, thatched roofs, hammocks on the porches and maybe even an infinity pool or two. Madagascar brings all this to the table with somewhat more of a natural feel than you what might typically find […]

AllTheRooms Approved: Where to Stay in Malta


An oasis tucked away on an island rich with history, the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Malta is a gem of a luxury accommodation. From the moment you walk in to Corinthia, you’ll feel right at home — that is, if your home happens to be an impressive building with sweeping views of Malta, […]

The Cayman Islands’ Best Airbnbs

Where to stay in The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are the office worker suffering through winter’s favorite daydream. If it’s not the palm trees, ocean breeze and general tranquility, then it’s the snorkeling, diving and deep sea fishing that push the islands into your head on those cold winter days. Whether you’ve been before or you’re looking to explore the islands […]

Best Beaches in the World: Infographic

Navagio Beach, Greece

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Best Beaches in Spain

best beaches in spain

Looking for a European getaway and a relaxing beach vacation? Spain! From the cities to the coasts to the islands off the country’s shores, Spain has everything you need for an ultimate vacation. Spain’s coasts and islands are filled with some of the world’s best beaches, both big and small, both calm and exciting, giving […]

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