Five Cozy Holiday Getaways

five cozy holiday getaways

While the weather outside may be frightful, these winter getaways are sure to be delightful. The holiday season is the perfect time for some romance. With the twinkling lights, crisp white snow, and classic carols being sung in every corner, it’s hard not to get a little romantic. Not to mention, all of the emphasis […]

5 Reasons Slovenia Should be on Your Bucket List


Looking for a unique European vacation? Slovenia is definitely for you. European vacations are incredible, from the history-filled cities to the quaint countryside towns to the majestic castles. However, many of these places can often be pricey and filled with tourists. Slovenia, however, is usually not on most traveler’s radar, making it a hidden gem […]

5 Awesome Wine Vacation Destinations

wine vacation destinations Portugal

If you know your pinot grigio from your chardonnay, why not consider going on a wine vacation? Not only will you be able to sample fine wines at their place of origin, but you can also do some traveling and explore stunning destinations. We’ve rounded up the top destinations for wine vacations, from the sleepy […]

6 Real Life Video Game Locations That You Have to Visit

real life video game locations

While many video games are set in US cities, we want to take you further afield to some more exciting destinations. We’ve found six real-life video game locations that any top gamer simply has to visit. From Assassin’s Creed’s swash-buckling pirate coves in Jamaica, through to Tomb Raider’s mystical tombs of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, here […]

5 U.S. Vacation Destinations for the Outdoorsy Couple

Outdoorsy couple

Do you and your S.O. prefer adventure to luxury? Would you rather hike in the mountains or surf the ocean waves than order a poolside mojito at some exclusive resort? If natural, rustic scenery and outdoor thrill-seeking is your idea of a vacation well spent, these off-the-beaten-path destinations across the United States belong on your […]

Best Nudist Resorts in America – Where to Stay for A Clothing Optional Vacation in the States

CATEGORY: Nudist TOPIC: Nudist Travel Although Europe and the Tropics might be better known for their nudist resorts, beaches and lifestyle accommodation, the USA still has some of the best nudist resorts going. So kick-back, (optionally) remove your clothes (:)) and take a look at our favorite clothing-optional places to stay in the States. We’ve […]

How to Do Milan Fashion Week on a Budget While Staying in Style

milan fashion week on a budget

Are you heading to Milan Fashion Week (Feb. 21-27, 2018), but looking to avoid breaking the bank? We’ve rounded up some of the most stylish hotels in Milan, and found you some great alternative options. Here’s how to do Milan fashion week on a budget: 1. Bulgari Milan versus Senato Hotel Milano The Bulgari Milan is […]

The Nine Creepiest Places Around the World

creepiest places around the world

From an Island of broken toys to the castle that inspired the most famous blood-sucking monster, to entire buildings and towns terrorized by ghosts and demons, the world is full of truly haunting places. With Halloween right around the corner, you’re due for a true haunt. So if you’re looking for a frighteningly fun vacation, […]

5 Historic Hotels In Cartagena That You Need To Stay In

Historic Hotels In Cartagena

Cartagena is one of the most romantic cities in the Caribbean, with crumbling, colorful houses, a tropical climate and history of Spanish conquest and pirate attacks. When you travel to Cartagena, you really feel like you are taking a step back in time. We’ve rounded up the top 5 hotels, that you simply have to […]

5 Airbnb Properties With Stunning Kitchens

5 airbnbs with stunning kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of every home. We’ve selected five dreamy Airbnb kitchens, to give you tons of kitchen design inspiration for this year’s latest trends. From a Balinese bamboo kitchen, through to a rustic Tuscan farmhouse where you can really feel like an Italian chef, here are our top picks. 1. Asian Delight […]

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