5 Jaw Dropping Places to Stay in Santorini

5 jaw dropping places to stay in santorini

Santorini is one of the most romantic and picturesque places in the whole of Europe, so why not consider splurging a bit and making it a trip of a lifetime? With white, cliff-side houses, blue-domed churches and incredible sunsets, it’s guaranteed to be a holiday you’ll never forget. We’ve found five of the most incredible places […]

What are the Best Caribbean Islands?

best caribbean islands

A Caribbean vacation has always been a dream of yours. Turquoise water, palm trees, white sand–all the stuff you only know to exist on computer screensavers. You’re about to make it all real, but you’re not sure which island to choose. So what are the best Caribbean islands? 1. Puerto Rico The island lacks little. […]

The Best Things to Do on Each Hawaiian Island


Photo Alexander Rabb

While we recommend that you spend a little time getting to know each island, we know you may have to choose a handful to visit – or just one. To make choosing a little easier, we’ve curated the single best thing to do on each island. (Plus, did you know that there are actually around 130 […]