Is Morocco Safe?


There comes a time when the traditional global traveler hits a wall. Rome, Paris and Hong Kong no longer seem so foreign and the thrill of new discovery is a feeling that doesn’t hit you often enough. This is when you dive a little deeper and build up the courage to trod off the worn […]

Stay Safe in Mexico with This Guide

Guide to Safety in Mexico

Mexico is a vibrant country full of many friendly people, eager to welcome you with open arms. However, like anywhere in the world, some people have alternative motives so you need to practice some general safety awareness. Here’s our guide on how to practice safety in Mexico. Hail a taxi at a designated sitio Mexico […]

Is It Safe to Travel in France Alone?

Is it safe to travel in france alone

France’s crime rates lag significantly behind those of the US in nearly every category. Statistically, the country is much safer than America and solo travelers generally have little to worry about aside from basic pocket thieves and tourists schemes. Of course, there are neighborhoods, especially in larger cities, where violent crime is common, but those […]

What Travel Insurance Should I Get?

What Travel Insurance Should I Get?

The goal of travel insurance is to cover you in two very important ways: to protect yourself and your property. Any travel insurance that offers less than the following basic features just isn’t worth purchasing. Travel insurance should protect you in case of illness or injury. You want to be sure your insurance covers the […]

Is India Safe for a Solo Female Traveler?

Is India Safe for a solo female traveler

A series of violent sexual crimes against women (both travelers and natives) have made headlines across the world and have raised doubts about whether it’s good idea to visit India as a female traveler, especially if traveling alone. All of this sparks the question: is India safe for a solo female traveler? The general consensus […]

How Safe is Airbnb for Guests?

How safe is Airbnb for guests?

The concept is a little daunting. You’re traveling out of your city, state or country and you’ve found an Airbnb that looks like a good match. You’re about to spend the night in a completely foreign environment managed by someone you’ve never met and oh, those guests down the hall? You don’t know them either. […]

Is Couchsurfing Safe?

Photo by Pexels

A quick Internet scan of Couchsurfing experiences will tell you that “surfing” is hit or miss, and when the misses come, they miss hard. Stories of sexual advances by both hosts and guests are not uncommon and host/surfer communication lapses are fairly standard. On the other hand, many hosts and guests post about excellent experiences. […]

How Safe is Airbnb for Hosts?

How safe is Airbnb for hosts?

A group of twenty-somethings book your Airbnb for a long weekend, promise the best of intentions, and turn it into a frat house. Drink stains in the rug, vomit stench in the bathroom, and a missing chair. It’s every Airbnb’s host’s nightmare. So what happens next and how do you keep your apartment off fraternity […]

5 of the safest places to travel alone

These top 5 safest and greatest cities for solo travelers are just some of the perfect places for new adventurers and seasoned travelers to discover

We’ve all had the desire to get out into the world on our own. To take a trip that’s free from the itineraries, plans or desires of others. However, finding places to travel alone can be an intimidating feat. Usually what holds people back is safety. It can be scary to imagine yourself in a foreign land, but […]

Is Colombia Safe?

Photo Geraint Rowland

Colombia, a country long plagued by drugs, violence, and crime, is no longer the place that it was 20 years ago. These days, tourism in Colombia is on an upswing. This once war-torn country known for kidnappings and violence is making its way up the tourist destination list is receiving much more positive attention from […]