Best Wine Vacation Destinations: Mendoza

wine vacation

If you’re looking for the perfect wine vacation destination, look no further than Argentina’s Mendoza province. The Mendoza wine region is home to over one thousand wineries and it’s one of the most scenic wine destinations in the world. From the jaw-dropping Andean mountain range, through to the bare-back horse riding through the plains, you […]

5 Reasons Slovenia Should be on Your Bucket List


Looking for a unique European vacation? Slovenia is definitely for you. European vacations are incredible, from the history-filled cities to the quaint countryside towns to the majestic castles. However, many of these places can often be pricey and filled with tourists. Slovenia, however, is usually not on most traveler’s radar, making it a hidden gem […]

5 Awesome Wine Vacation Destinations

wine vacation destinations Portugal

If you know your pinot grigio from your chardonnay, why not consider going on a wine vacation? Not only will you be able to sample fine wines at their place of origin, but you can also do some traveling and explore stunning destinations. We’ve rounded up the top destinations for wine vacations, from the sleepy […]

Top Nudist Groups and Clubs

Featured Nudist Resorts in Florida

Category: Nudist TOPIC: Nudist Travel ← Back to “Best Nudist Resorts in the US` The nudist community is tight-knit. Not everyone is up for spending an entire weekend out in the woods or poolside at a resort sans clothing, but the people who are tend to bond. Often judged and misunderstood by the more clothing-friendly […]

Five Beer Festivals You Can’t Miss

beer festival New York

Cracking open a cold one, enjoying the wheat flavors during your favorite team’s game, or cooling off with a refreshing brew after lunch. No matter the reason, everyone loves coming together over a nice cold beer. What better way to mix this with the latest, most unique craft beers, than heading to a beer festival? […]

7 Brazilian Cocktails That You Have to Try

Cocktails That You Have to Try

Heading to Brazil? Lucky you! It’s the land of carnivals, samba music and…cocktails. We’ve rounded up the top seven Brazilian cocktails that you have to try, from nutty concoctions, through to fermented pineapple wines. Here are our top picks: 1. Caipirinha The Caipirinha is Brazil’s national drink and a classic beverage that can be found […]

Authentic Hawaiian Food You Need to Try


White sandy beaches, the clearest, warmest ocean waters, palm trees, the Honolulu Marathon — what could be better than December in Honolulu? The city of Honolulu, and the state of Hawaii have everything from historic monuments to culture museums to breathtaking views. But of course, you need to make time for the food. Hawaiian food […]

Seven Oktoberfest Foods You Have to Try

Oktoberfest foods you have to try

Whether it’s tall swinging pitchers spilling beer, lederhosen-clad foreigners singing Bavarian folks songs after a few too many, or Clark Griswold doing the slap dance in European vacation, we all have our images of Oktoberfest. But let’s move away from the beer and focus on one of the festival’s often overlooked attractions. German food is […]

5 Gag-worthy Foods You Have to Try in Thailand

strange foods Thailand

Thai cuisine has made its way around the world, and rightfully so–it’s amazing! Some staple Thai foods, though, are restricted to this region of the world, mainly because most other cultures would shun the idea of fried insects or shrimps that dance in your mouth as you eat them. Still, a trip to Thailand would […]

The Best Foods in Spain and Where to Find Them

Guide to food in spain

It would be a criminal offense to go to Spain and not sample the country’s amazing Mediterranean cuisine. Spain is known for some of the best food in Europe. From delicious paellas to Catalan’s version of tapas, we’ve got you covered with a detailed food guide to Spain. Paella in Valencia Oh, Paella! Spain’s national dish, […]

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