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Full List of Articles and Mentions


Financial Times – Airbnb faces $400m in lost bookings due to London crackdown 2017/01/02

Value Walk — Launches Global Vacation Rental Index 2016/12/16

Inc. — Taxes Are a Huge Part of the Battle between New York City and Airbnb 2016/11/21

Bloomberg BNA — Airbnb Has $440M Hotel Tax Tab: Report 2016/10/26

Financial Times  —  Cities get wise to Airbnb 2016/10/21

New York Times — Is It Easy to Visit Cuba? Travel Experts Weigh In 2016/10/19

Focus on Travel News — Is Pokemon Go a new trend in travel? 2016/10/19

Built in NY — The future of room booking: AllTheRooms 2016/08/13

Tnooz — What does Pokemon Go mean for the travel industry? 2016/07/18

The Culture Collective —  The Procrastinator’s Best Friend for Booking Travel Accommodations 2015/12/08

Frugal Travel Guy  — How to go to Honolulu on a Budget 2015/11/10

Lifehacker — All the Rooms Compares Hotels With Alternatives Like Airbnb 2015/11/04

Netted Cheat Codes — Get a Room 2015/09/30

Techly — AllTheRooms lets you metasearch every accommodation option in your destination city 2015/09/23

PrWeb —  Alltherooms becomes the first accommodations aggregator site to provide CouchSurfing listings 2015/08/05

New York Family —  How to Save Money When Planning a Family Vacation 2015/07/01

Credio — 25 ways to save money on your next vacation 2015/06/24

The Luxury Traveler’s Guide — AllTheRooms “The Ultimate Search Tool” 2015/06/17

Huffington Post — How to Make the Move Toward Entrepreneurship 2015/03/29

New York Times — Alternatives to Airbnb 2015/02/10

Travolution — AllTheRooms “The Google of Accomodations” 2014/11/18

Columbia Education School — All The Rooms bringing you every room in the plane 2014/10/14

New York Times — Everyone gets a share of everything 2014/08/16/

AlleyWatch — AllTheRooms: You Figure Out Where You Are Going and They Will Figure Out Where You Are Staying 2014/06/08

JC Travel Feature — The Google Lodging Industry 2014/05/28

TechCrunch  AllTheRooms Lets You Look At All Available Rooms At Your Destination 2014/05/12

Frugal Travel Guy — Find All the Rooms on the Planet in One Place 2014/05/07