Tips for the Best Gaycation in San Francisco

Photo by: Nickolay Stanev

No gaycation bucket list is complete without San Francisco. The city by the bay is a classic vacation spot between sunny parks, waterfront treasures, great food, and better nightlife, plus the title of the gayest town in America. With one of the most famous pride parades worldwide and some of the richest gay history when […]

Your Guide to Gay London

Photo by: lazyllama

  London’s calling, are you going to pick up? The charming capital of England is a sprawling city full of high-class businesses, regal buildings, and a gay history that goes back hundreds of years. Spend your days exploring London’s classic sites. From Tower Bridge to Buckingham Palace to the London Eye to all the cobblestone […]

An Aussie Road Trip: 4 Places to Stop Between Melbourne & Sydney

Photo by  Petr Kratochvila

  Traveling from Melbourne to Sydney can be a short, one-hour plane trip. However, if you fancy something a little more exciting, you can also drive the distance in eight and a half hours, without stops. But why do that when you can break along the way and enjoy the wonderful country towns Australia has […]

Gay Guide to Mexico City

Photo by: Anton Ivanov

  Pack your bags and head south of the border. Mexico — the land of tacos, blue water beaches, and vibrantly colored markets is probably already on your bucket list. The lively, colorful, exciting capital city of Mexico is a city of 8.8 million inhabitants full of rich history, dynamic culture, and active city life. […]

Top 10 Most LGBT Friendly Vacation Destinations


  Summer is fast approaching and it’s high time to start planning the perfect getaway for you and your boo. Fun in the hot sun on a soft sand beach, quaint cafes and streets lined with mouthwatering local delicacies, swimming in a luxury resort pool, or taking in spectacular city views from a rooftop bar […]

Your Guide to Gay Copenhagen

Photo by: ActionPix

  Between charming cobblestone streets, elegant museums, colorful waterfront shops, and all the class of any European city, Copenhagen is calling your name for your next gaycation. Other than all the charming sites and sounds across the city, Copenhagen is famous for its open-minded, relaxed, and progressive attitudes, making it the absolute perfect destination for […]

A Guide to San Juan Nightlife

Photo by: Lee Cannon on Flickr

  The culture in Puerto Rico is a vibrant fusion of Spanish, Indian and African origins, and the capital city of San Juan doesn’t fall short in offering amazing experiences and activities to tourists. What makes San Juan so magical is its spectacular activities go on around the clock, so you’ll find something to do […]

The Best Places For Watersports in Morocco


Known for its colorful streets, regal riads, and artisanal shopping, Morocco may not be the first destination you think of when planning a watersports vacation. However, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with a year-round warm climate, and a coastline stretching 2500 miles, the North African country is a haven for water-lovers. […]

How to Visit Hanoi on a Budget

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As far as travel goes, Vietnam is generally a cheap country to explore. Hanoi, in Northern Vietnam, is one of the country’s more expensive cities due to its popularity as a vacation destination, however it’s still easy to keep your visit to Hanoi on a budget, while staying safe and comfortable. The city draws a […]

How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo

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Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities in the world and three days is the perfect amount of time to spend in the city and get to know some of its districts. It’s a sprawling city filled with skyscrapers, enormous flashing billboards and robot-run cafes, combined with old world traditions and elegant temples. Here’s […]

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