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The Best Apps For Airbnb & Vacation Rentals [2022]

Running a short-term rental business can be quite chaotic. At times, it seems like a juggling act of guests, multiple properties, and global currencies with the demands of hospitality, customer service, and being an entrepreneur all thrown into the mix. The vacation rental business has changed the way people travel. No longer is a room at the Holiday Inn the only (affordable) option when on the go. Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have condensed travel accommodations into a fully digital experience, one that directly connects vacation rental owners with travelers. Luckily, there are tons of vacation rental applications and Airbnb property management software packages to help run your business as efficiently as possible.

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Cleaning/Turnover & Property Maintenance Apps

Automating the cleaning and turnover of these apps can make your life as a host a lot easier, and since the onset of COVID-19 the cleanliness of your property has never been more important. Good short-term rental hygiene is now good business, and neglecting this aspect could have a negative impact on the revenues your Airbnb will be able to make.

These apps will help you get your property cleaning, turnover, and maintenance running like clockwork, which should help you keep your property open for business and your guests feeling safe and comfortable. 


Handy is an excellent home cleaning and services app that directly links Airbnb property managers with industry-leading professionals to make the upkeep of rental properties as easy as a click on your phone or tablet. With Handy, users can instantly book top-rated professionals for furniture assembly, TV mounting, wall hanging, and other handiwork. Tackle pesky jobs instantly and while on the go.


TurnoverBnB is an app that allows for smart searching, scheduling and payment of cleaning services for your vacation rental. The app has over 20,000 hosts using it currently, and allows users to essentially put the cleaning and turnover of their property on autopilot in between bookings.


In the wake of COVID-19, ensuring that cleaning and disinfection protocols are followed has never been more important for both the guests and the host. Properly is an app that allows hosts and property managers to ensure that cleaning processes are meeting the quality standards necessary to ensure that guests can feel comfortable and safe.


Thumbtack is an app that helps you find local professionals in your area to carry out a wide range of tasks. In the case of vacation rental hosts of property managers, this means that Thumbtack is an essential app that help you to easily find and hire local professionals for any property maintenance tasks you may have, allowing you to quickly fix the issue and get your property booked again ASAP.

Guest Experience Apps

The foundation of your success as a host are the occupancy rates and average daily rates your Airbnb commands, and the single biggest contributor to these metrics are your reviews. 

There’s no better way to ensure good reviews than by making your guest’s stay feel special. Guest experience apps can help you ensure every aspect of your guest’s stay runs like clockwork and can help you add those extra touches that your guest will remember when it comes time to write your review.

Touch Stay

Touch Stay is an app that helps you to create digital guest welcome books. The app is simple to use and allows you to quickly create beautiful welcome books. Not only does this make your guest see that you’re a serious vacation rental host with attention to detail, but it also reduces the number of questions and hassle you will get from your guests, leading to a better experience for you and your guests, and hopefully more positive reviews!


Want to keep in touch with your guests throughout their stay? HelloHere is a hospitality app that will help you do just that. Easily communicate with your guests through this interactive app’s convenient services. Offer your guests local recommendations, in-house accommodations, and insider knowledge about the area. HelloHere is designed to help vacation rental owners maximize rental profit while saving time and money. Make sure your guests get the most out of their stay and solidify your status as a go-to destination in your city.


Want to manage room temperature for your guests while on the go? Tado allows property owners to adjust room temperature through a mobile app. As your personal Climate Assistant, Tado helps property owners reduce heating costs and ensures guests arrive at perfectly cooled or heated homes after a long day out and about. Up your hospitality game with this convenient and eco-friendly application.

Vert S

Vert S is a conversions app that helps vacation rental owners work with, and accept, all kinds of global currencies and measurement units. Communicate room measurements, prices, location information, and much more with guests from all around the world without worrying about calculating tiresome conversions. Currently offered for free for all IOS products, Vert S will make converting prices and measurements a breeze.

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Guest Compliance Apps

Airbnb laws and other short-term rental regulations are getting harsher and the fines are getting bigger, so it’s essential that hosts are ensuring guests are complying with the local rules. Guest compliance apps can alert hosts in the event that guests breach noise regulations or break maximum occupancy limits. Some vacation rental insurance policies might even require that you are using tools such as noise monitoring.


NoiseAware is a smart noise monitoring app which is reliable and easy to use. Using the app allow you to ensure your guests aren’t hosting a crazy party in your property, which could lead to fines, ire from your neighbors, and potentially losing your short-term rental license. Another benefit is improved security of your property, as it will also detect noise from any intruders.

Party Squasher

Concerned about the safety of your properties? While vacation rental owners can set certain rules, guidelines, and pricing measures to regulate occupancy for each of their locations, Party Squasher helps ensure properties are not being used to host raucous, damaging, and perhaps costly parties. Owners simply put the Party Squasher box inside their home(s) and respond to alerts via text. The Party Squasher box detects the number of phones in an area and then sends alerts to homeowners or property managers when personalized occupancy limits are violated.


Roomonitor is a mobile app that enables hosts to monitor rooms 24/7 on the go. This app lets you unlock vacation homes from your phone, control noise, and respond to possible incidents in real-time. Avoid potential issues with neighbors by taking an active role in monitoring noise levels of your vacation rentals.

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Smart Key Exchange & Home Security Apps

Besides ensuring that your guest has a quick and easy check-in to your property, these apps also make your vacation rental property more secure.

Igloo Home

What’s something you lose almost every day? If the answer is “my keys,” this app may be the perfect solution for you and your guests. The last thing a guest wants to do is lose the keys to their temporary home after a long day of traveling. Igloo Home provides smart locks and lock boxes that make losing your keys a thing of the past. Owners can unlock rentals by using a PIN or a Bluetooth Key programmed to last however long the rental is booked for particular guests. Choose the smarter lock solution and never have an “I’m locked out…” mishap again.


Keycafe is a secure key exchange and intelligent key management application. The core function of the app is to allow your to share your keys remotely, with the option to use real-time photo ID verification for added security. One downside is that you have to have a SmartBox in your city, as that’s where the actual key exchange takes place. Luckily, KeyCafe has a network of SmartBoxes in major cities across the U.S. and Europe.


KeyNext is a simple and secure key exchange solution, which works great for short-term rental hosts. The app allows you to exchange keys with guests and cleaners, and has over 10,000 users currently. KeyNest uses a network of local stores to provide a large number of key exchange locations, with over 4,000 that are open 24/7.


RemoteLock doesn’t rely on a network of key exchange points, but rather uses Wi-Fi enabled smart locks which you can control from the app. While this has the advantage of not relying on key exchange points, it does require that you install Wi-Fi enabled smart locks in your property. For short-term rental guests you can provide them with a self-expiring access code which you can enable or disable at any time. This is probably the most elegant solution for key management for hosts, but also one of the more expensive.