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Tutorial Guide: Revenue Calculator


Our calculator tool allows you to estimate the revenue property in a specific market can make. The purpose of this tool is to allow you to evaluate wether a market is attractive experiment with different types of properties to evaluate how does the revenue varies depending on the type of property you decide to invest and the area where this property is located. Our calculator analyzes all the properties in that area with the specific characteristics that you set up and estimates based on those numbers what you could be making on a yearly basis.

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-Define the parameters of your search. Input the area you would like to evaluate, then insert the number of rooms, bathrooms and guests for the short-term rental property and click on calculate revenue.

-Analyze yearly earning potential. Once you input all the data the calculator needs you will get an estimate of the yearly earning potential. The average daily rate for a property with those characteristics in the market selected and the average occupancy rate of a property in that area. Also you will be able to see the estimated revenue you will get for a property per year. If you would like to explore other areas you can go to the related markets that the tool will automatically suggest.

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-Financial Calculator. Our Financial calculator will allow you to input the property purchase price & Operating expenses you estimate for the property to estimate the cap rate based on those 2 parameters. The cap rate will allow you to understand the rate of return on a property. Do the exercise with different parameters and compare different options.

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Final Comment

Our calculator tool will give you a very general estimation but we recommend to to use all our tools to really make sure your estimation is more accurate. Use the competitor tracker and our market tab, our filter to analyze individual properties and make a complete assessment of your investment.