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Top Picks for Glamping in Costa Rica

Reading Time: 5 minutes← Back to ‘4 Can’t-Miss Glamping Experiences` Costa Rica has, in the last couple of decades, proved itself to be the forefather of tropical ecotourism. With access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, activities like canopy zip lining combined with the year-round warm weather, it’s perfectly logical the […]

Best Beaches

Best Beaches Around the World

Reading Time: 6 minutesSoft sand, the sound of gentle waves, a refreshing swim, and all the colors of the ocean. There is truly nothing better or more relaxing than a beach vacation. Whether the waves rise up far above your head or are so calm you could fall asleep in them, or whether the […]

Best Beaches

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘Best Beaches Around the World’ Looking for a tropical getaway with the best, most relaxing beaches? Costa Rica is for you. The country is home to nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity. Between the wildlife, the rainforest adventures, and the swim and surf, this is bound to […]

Educational Travel

Top 10 Destinations To Learn Spanish

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘The Best Places to Learn As You Travel’ There so many benefits to learning a language in a native speaking country: you’re immersed in the language, you’ll make friends you can practice with, you’ll learn cultural nuances that you couldn’t otherwise, the list goes on. If you […]

Visas & Travel Tips

Costa Rica or Puerto Rico?

Reading Time: 2 minutes← Back to ‘Without Borders: Countries U.S. Citizens Can Travel to Without a VISA` The best way to answer the Costa Rica or Puerto Rico question is to ask yourself what you’re looking for. Yes, there is some overlap between the two destinations, but if you truly know what you want […]

Solo & Female Travel

Best Places to Travel Solo

Reading Time: 3 minutesThere are a few key characteristics of a good solo traveler destination. First is safety. A solo traveler, whether male or female, is inherently more vulnerable when exploring. Second is popularity with other travelers. A solo traveler is likely to want to meet other travelers along the way, so going […]

Budget Travel

How to Travel the World for Free

Reading Time: 6 minutesMoney (or lack of money) should not be a barrier that stops you traveling the world. There are a lot of great options to make your dream trip come true, from finding free accommodation to driving cars across a country to working as a digital nomad. So the world really […]