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Best Beaches

Best Beaches in Guatemala

Reading Time: 5 minutes← Back to ‘Best Beaches Around the World’ Guatemala is well-known for its Mayan Ruins and backpacking adventures, but visitors looking for some rest and relaxation on the beach are also in luck. Guatemala has superb beaches on its Pacific and Caribbean coasts that are as unique as its ancient […]

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Top 10 Destinations To Learn Spanish

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘The Best Places to Learn As You Travel’ There so many benefits to learning a language in a native speaking country: you’re immersed in the language, you’ll make friends you can practice with, you’ll learn cultural nuances that you couldn’t otherwise, the list goes on. If you […]

best cities for digital nomads
Digital Nomads

The 6 Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Reading Time: 5 minutes← Back to ‘How to Be a Digital Nomad’ The digital nomad is a different breed of human being. If you’re one, you know. You don’t follow societal norms. You don’t wish to be part of the workforce herd mentality. And, most importantly, you want to be able to work […]

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5 of the Cheapest Places to Travel

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘How to Travel the World For Free’ There are so many amazing things to see in the world, yet one of the top reasons that people don’t travel is a lack of funds. Luckily, we found the solution! These 5 destinations are worth the trip and the price and […]

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Best Spanish Schools in Latin America

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘The Best Places to Learn As You Travel’ Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, after Chinese, English, and Hindu. You may want to learn the language for academic or business purposes, or just for the pleasure of having a more enriching experience in Latin America. […]