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Nudist Travel

Best Nudist Hidden Gems Around the World

Reading Time: 5 minutes← Back to ‘Nudist Travel – Tips, Tricks and the Skinny of Baring it All on Vacation` If you’re entertaining the idea of a clothing-optional retreat, chances are you want it to be tasteful. Your brief respite from the shackles of a pro-clothing society is not going to be spent […]

Educational Travel

The Best Places to Learn As You Travel

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe holidays are approaching and all you can think about is relaxing and having a good time in a remote and exotic location, far from your daily routine and its monotonous stress. However, your mind still craves experiences that will allow you to learn something and grow because it’s always […]

Things to Do

How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo

Reading Time: 5 minutes← Back to ‘Discover the Best Things to Do, Everywhere` Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities in the world and three days is the perfect amount of time to spend in the city and get to know some of its districts. It’s a sprawling city filled with skyscrapers, […]

Historical Travel

The 5 Top Castles in Japan

Reading Time: 3 minutes← Back to ‘Best Vacation Spots for History Buffs` Did you know Japan is a top destination for castles? Yes, really! While countries such as France, England and Germany are obvious choices when it comes to picturing a fairytale castle, Japan has some seriously beautiful castles and they are well […]


Top 5 Asian Food Destinations

Reading Time: 3 minutes← Back to ‘Gastro Tourism: The Best Countries to Eat & Drink Around the World` In the USA we joke that “There is nothing more American than Chinese food.” Asian food has become so westernized that the word “authentic” carries little weight. Here’s an easy solution: go to Asia and […]

Things to Do

How to Spend Two Days in Tokyo

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘Discover the Best Things to Do, Everywhere` Tokyo can be overwhelming if you let it get away from you. A stay in the world’s largest city requires solid planning and a general sense of how to get around. So, how do you plan out two days in […]

best cities for digital nomads
Digital Nomads

The 6 Best Cities for Digital Nomads

Reading Time: 5 minutes← Back to ‘How to Be a Digital Nomad’ The digital nomad is a different breed of human being. If you’re one, you know. You don’t follow societal norms. You don’t wish to be part of the workforce herd mentality. And, most importantly, you want to be able to work […]