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best castles in france
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The 5 Best Castles in France

Reading Time: 3 minutesOh, France! Land of gorgeous chateaus and fine food. If you’re heading to France for a vacation, you simply can’t miss visiting some of its historic Chateaux, many of which are over one thousand years old. France has seen more than its fair share of battles, so it’s no wonder […]

best castles in England
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The 5 Best Castles in England

Reading Time: 3 minutesAs the famous saying goes, every Englishman knows ‘his home is his castle’, so it’s no surprise that England is home to some of the best castles in the world. It’s said the world’s first castle was built in the UK during the Norman period which began in the year […]

best castles in Germany
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The 5 Best Castles in Germany

Reading Time: 3 minutesGermany is the land of fairytale castles nestled in beautiful forests. In the past, castles played an important role in the defense of Germany, which has a history of knights, nobles and bloody warfare. Many of the castles have been restored to near-perfection and no visit to Germany would be […]

top 5 castles in scotland
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The Top 5 Castles in Scotland

Reading Time: 3 minutesScotland is known for its fairytale castles, with large turrets, high walls and moats. Think of the magical Hogwarts castle in the Harry Potter films, however, this time you actually get to explore its walls and dungeons in real life. There are thousands of castles and ruins scattered across Scotland […]

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5 Best Castles to Visit in Germany

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhether you’re a history buff or just like to see beautiful sights, Germany offers a number of must-see landmarks for travelers. Of these, some of the most notable are its impressive castles, which are sprinkled across the land in a breathtaking fashion. Note: This post was originally written by JohnnyJet.com […]

Beaumaris Castle wales
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The 7 Best Castles in Wales

Reading Time: 3 minutesWales has more fortresses per square mile than any other place in Europe. So if you are on the hunt for castles, Wales definitely won’t leave you disappointed. Many of the castles are from the Edwardian period, as King Edward I acquired Wales and wanted to fortify his stronghold. A […]

Himeji Castle japan
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The 5 Top Castles in Japan

Reading Time: 3 minutesDid you know Japan is a top destination for castles? Yes, really! While countries such as France, England and Germany are obvious choices when it comes to picturing a fairytale castle, Japan has some seriously beautiful castles and they are well worth a visit. The Japanese began building castles around […]