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Skiing & Snowboarding

Best Ski Destinations in Europe

← Back to ‘Best Resorts For Your Next Snowboarding or Skiing Trip` From stunning scenery to thrilling slopes, it’s easy to see why skiing is such a popular pastime. No matter what kind of ski holiday you’re looking for, whether action-packed or relaxing, you’ll find something in Europe. But, with so […]

Budget Travel

Traveling Switzerland on a Budget

← Back to ‘How to Travel the World For Free’ Planning your dream vacation to Switzerland? From the majestic Alps to the deep blues of Lake Geneva to the plethora of international museums and organizations headquartered in the small, landlocked country. The trip can seem expensive, but you don’t have […]

Outdoors & Adventure Travel

The Most Amazing Campsites in Switzerland

← Back to ‘Your Introduction to Outdoor and Adventure Travel` Switzerland is truly an unforgettable location. This beautiful country offers a wide range of recreational activities such as mountaineering, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, and even water sports. Wake up in the morning to the sound of sheep’s bells and have breakfast […]

Couples Travel

Five Cozy Holiday Getaways

← Back to ‘How to Plan the Perfect Couples Vacation’ While the weather outside may be frightful, these winter getaways are sure to be delightful. The holiday season is the perfect time for some romance. With the twinkling lights, crisp white snow, and classic carols being sung in every corner, […]