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Maybe your lucky lotto numbers pay out, maybe that app idea takes off, or maybe you finally get discovered for the talent you’ve been putting on display during Thursday Night Karaoke Night at the local Outback Steakhouse. However the money suddenly pours in, it would be smart to have the ole bucket list up to date and ready for a life of luxury. So for whoever strikes it rich, or maybe already is rich (good on ya), check out these luxury travel experiences — or at least post them on social media so everyone else can live vicariously.

By Eszter Szadeczky-Kardoss

Take an African Safari in South Africa

While there are plenty of luxurious safari options throughout the African continent, the pick for this list goes to the Royal Malewane, a hotel able to name drop celebrity guests like Bono, billionaires like Paul Allen, and former heads of state like Nicolas Sarkozy. Some guests are lucky enough to witness elephants and other animals close-up from their infinity pools. Those venturing off the grounds can take a traditional safari in the Kruger National Park with private guides including two of only seven Master Trackers in the world.

By Delbars

See the Northern Lights from “The Paris of the North”

The Northern Lights often make people’s bucket lists, but for the wealthy few it may not be the most appealing option because it involves the cold *dramatic shiver* and the outdoors *clings to Egyptian cotton bed sheets*. But the Norwegian city of Tromsø may offer a solution. Tromsø, besides claiming to be the “Paris of the North”, is also often called the “Capital of the Arctic” as it’s the largest city above the Arctic Circle. Tromsø is charming both architecturally and in its constant battle with the elements. The Northern Lights often illuminate the city, but outside downtown, there are a number of luxurious vacation rentals that offer a cozy seat to Nature’s light show. We recommend Robukta Lodge for panoramic views and a hot tub among the blanket snow landscape.

By Horia Bogdan

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Charter a Yacht in Monaco

Yes, you can charter a yacht in Monaco that will set you back over two million dollars per week. If the said boat was rented for four months, that guest would have spent more money than one country’s entire GDP for the year of 2017. Granted the yacht does come with a helipad that turns into a party deck, 36 crewmembers, and six jet-skis, so maybe the price is justified…

By Selins

Glamp in Australia

Many travelers think that a luxury getaway to Australia requires beaches instead of heading inland to the outback. Sitting at the foot of Uluru, Longitude 131 offers constant views of the monolith known for its spiritual qualities. Easily one of the most famous rock formations in the entire world, each Uluru “tent” comes with a cozy bed, fireplace, and an outdoor balcony complete with what their website calls “a luxury swag.” Do we know what “a luxury swag” is? No. Are we desperate to go nonetheless? Yes.

By National Geographic

Sip Through Napa Valley

The United States’ representative for the list, Napa Valley is arguably the best place in the world to vineyard hop. However, the most extravagant option would be to elect for the Diamante experience at Castello di Amorosa. The castle near Calistoga, a town in the eastern part of the valley, is one of the most celebrated stops for wine tours because of its opulence. The Diamante option costs two people $20,000 for two nights. The package includes things like a private driver, a private photographer to document the experience, a stay at a luxury hotel, imported cigars, and a barrel of Cab Sav to take home.

By Andriy Blokhin

Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in The Maldives

Overwater bungalows scream class, and no place has more of them than The Maldives. The Maldivian archipelago has some of the most crystal clear turquoise waters in the world and the ideal weather makes it a perfect place to chill on the decks of the audacious stilted homes. While many might think of these bungalows as a honeymoon type vacation, they can be quite family-friendly as well. For example, the Soneva Jani has a water slide dropping from the second floor of the bungalows into the Indian Ocean.

By Maryna Patzen

Get Pampered in Switzerland

Looking for a tax break and heading to Switzerland to drop some cash in their famed banks? Great! Make time to visit a fancy resort spa. Switzerland spa practices are world-renowned and there’s definitely something about soaking in a bath of warm, essential oil filled water while overlooking the Swiss Alps. Many Swiss spas, besides being palaces of relaxation, also employ actual medical technicians to assist in the full recovery of their guests. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz employs over 70 actual doctors specializing in an assortment of treatments including aesthetic surgery, physiotherapy specific to golfers, and metabolic optimization.

By Kzenon

Join National Geographic on a Private Jet

Long heralded as modern-day explorers bringing discoveries to the coffee tables of America, National Geographic also knows how to indulge in luxury. The magazine champions now have a fleet of private jets they use to whisk the elite around the world for guided tours. Currently they have seven different expeditions offered, but the most expensive is the “Islands and Oceans of the World” tour which is $93,495 for 21 days. Another favorite is the “Around the World” trip, which takes passengers from Washington DC and back again by way of Peru, Easter Island, Samoa, The Great Barrier Reef, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Tanzania, Jordan, and Morocco — all in 24 days. Each trip is accompanied by a group of on-staff explorers, writers, photographers, and researchers.

By Carlos Yudica
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