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Yoga Retreats

Europe’s Top Yoga Retreats

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘Best Yoga Destinations Around the World` You have a Euro trip in your sights. It’s been an idea you’ve been weighing up for some time now and the list of excuses not to go is suddenly extremely short. And now there’s a new thought: Including yoga during […]

Sports Travel

Places in Europe to Avoid the World Cup

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘Traveling for Sports: What You Need to Know` You know it’s World Cup season when all your friends suddenly become ardent nationalists supporting a country and sport with unprecedented enthusiasm. Just last month the extent of their ancestral pride came in the form of occasionally baking Danish […]

Educational Travel

The Best Places to Learn As You Travel

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe holidays are approaching and all you can think about is relaxing and having a good time in a remote and exotic location, far from your daily routine and its monotonous stress. However, your mind still craves experiences that will allow you to learn something and grow because it’s always […]

Best Beaches

The 7 Best Beaches in Italy

Reading Time: 4 minutes← Back to ‘Best Beaches Around the World’ While Italy is best known for its fine cuisine and incredible Roman architecture, its also home to some of the best beaches in Europe. From the white sandy beaches in Sicily through to quirky, art-deco beaches in Tuscany, here are the six […]


7 Amazing Airbnbs in Italy

Reading Time: 4 minutesMamma Mia! One of the richest countries in the world regarding history, culture, and just plain amazing sites to visit, Italy is a consistent bucket list destination. From the vineyards in Tuscany, the history of Florence, the ancient streets in Rome, the laid-back nature of Southern Italy, the gorgeous Cinque Terre, […]

Party Travel

How to Find a Venice Carnival Costume

Reading Time: 3 minutes← Back to ‘Best Party Cities Around the World` A visual masterpiece. That’s the best way to describe the Venice Carnival. Thousands of festival goers from the around the world arrive decked out head to toe in handmade costumes perfectly crafted down to the smallest thread and in Venetian masks […]