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As more and more travel-hungry millennials opt to become dog parents before becoming actual baby parents, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of pet-friendly vacation rentals around the world. People want to travel, and their four-legged friend tagging along is not up for debate.

By Sarandy Westfall

That said, it’d be naive to think all countries are created equal when it comes to pet policies. While some places have on-site dog walkers, complimentary treats and dog bowls, plus well-manicured lawns where your furball can romp around and relieve himself to his heart’s content, other places are still hung up on stray hair and the occasional bark. Using unique AllTheRooms insights from over 400 accommodation sites like Airbnb,, Expedia, and Hostelworld, we’ve got some fresh new dog-friendly data. Here are the top 10 countries for pet-friendly vacation rentals.

10. Latvia

Coming in at number 10 is the often-overlooked European country of Latvia. With only one true cosmopolitan city in Riga (the capital), the rest of Latvia is made up of rolling hills and national parks, thick forests and trails to long-lost castles — perfect frolicking for you and your four-legged friend. What’s more, the vacation homes in Latvia are generally very dog-friendly, with 26.6% of all vacation rentals — be it condos, bungalows, or high rise penthouses — having spectacular views. Check out Viator’s range of tours in Latvia to keep you and your pooch entertained.

We recommend: Hotel Man-Tess, located right in old town Riga, right on the cobblestone streets Latvia is famous for.

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9. Tunisia

Sitting along the stretch of North Africa’s vast desert expanse and on the banks of the Mediterranean, Tunisia also appeals to those traveling with a pet. Tunis, the country’s capital, has more than a few beach houses with full-sized master bedrooms where pets are all but formally invited. Besides the centuries-old museums, Tunisia is a great place to bring your pet around the desertscapes or let them wander through the markets and the winding medinas. With all the smells of jasmine and fish on the dinner table, they’ll surely be in doggy or kitty heaven. For reference, 26.8% of all the listings in Tunisia are pet-friendly.

We recommend: This Studio Blanc Airbnb is located on a hill in a neighborhood of classic Cycladic architecture with incredible ocean views.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

By Airbnb

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8. Senegal

Known mostly for its impressive national parks and pulsating live music clubs and markets in the capital of Dakar, Senegal is now adding to its resume as a haven for pet-friendly travels on the African continent. Whether you’re looking for a lazy poolside holiday or a more adventurous retreat through the country’s backwater lagoons and creeks, you can now do so with your pet. 27.3% of the accommodations in Senegal are certifiably pet-friendly and there’s also a good amount of beautiful beaches and pet-friendly beaches. Remember to brush up on your Travel Pet Etiquette before setting off with your best friend.

We recommendSurfcamp Ngor Island, with the frugal traveler in mind.

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7. Brazil

We’ve all heard about Brazil’s carnival but what about Rio de Janeiro’s annual pet parade? If this canine-themed event doesn’t tell you how Brazilians feel about their non-human friends, nothing will. Brazil comes in 7th on our list of the world’s most pet-friendly countries with a whopping 27.8% of its accommodations welcoming pets. Doesn’t renting a pet-friendly condo located on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro sound like the perfect vacation? How about strolling along the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro with a leash in one hand and a drink in the other? Or getting adventurous with a unique Rio de Janeiro experience?

We recommend: Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro with a gorgeous patio and majestic views of the famous Sugarloaf Mountain.

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6. Uruguay

We may be wrong, but something tells us your dog may thoroughly enjoy Uruguay’s vast fields, mate coffee shops, and… progressive politics? Regardless, if you’re looking to bypass the heavily-touristed neighbors of Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay could make for the perfect pet-friendly vacation. And, with 28.6% of its accommodations allowing pets, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a beach cottage with a dog bed.

We recommend: This apartment with a view in Montevideo. It has two bedrooms, one bath, and is in a newly renovated building in an excellent location.

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By TripAdvisor

5. Slovenia

From the soaring peaks of the Slovenian Alps to the turquoise waters of its Balkland lowlands, the beauty in Slovenia is jaw-dropping. The country also boasts vintage architecture like Baroque chapels and Medieval castles sitting idyllically on lush hills. Pets aside, Slovenia should be on your bucket list, but that said, thankfully 28.9% of accommodations in Slovenia are pet-friendly. Make the most of the incredible scenerey with an outdoor experience including your four-legged pal. 

We recommend: This amazing apartment with a big terrace which will have you waking up to a green oasis in the middle of the Slovenian forest. Don’t show these pictures to your dog unless you’re set on going.  

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By Airbnb

4. Italy

Your dog is probably pulling for an Italian getaway simply for the chance to discover delicious leftovers sitting by the edge of the table. Meatballs, pizza, and heaps of sphaghetti are enough to sign any pooch up for a vacation here. The fact that 29.5% of accommodations are pet-friendly should be enough to sign you up too. 

We recommend: A pool, ample room to roam about on a lawn, and magnificent views. Not much else you could ask for at this Panoramic Pool and Apartment Studio.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

By HomeAway

3. Madagascar

Madagascar is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts and so naturally, pets too. Visit Madagascar for the other-worldly baobab forests, the tropical scuba diving, and the expansive deserts. If you head out on a scuba diving adventure, you’ll need a place and a person to take care of your pup. Luckily, 31.4% of the properties in Madagascar allow pets.

We recommend: The Eco Lodge located in Antsirabe that has a pool, a garden, a continental breakfast, and a local market just a mile away.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price


2. Cuba

Cuba has quickly witnessed heightened competition between its traditional roots and the incoming wave of globalization and modernization. To give your furry pal a chance to see the artfully dilapidated buildings, beautiful beaches, and 1950s-era cars, head there now before a wave of tourism takes over. Cuba comes in second with 32.2% of properties allowing pets of all shapes and sizes — no discrimination here.

We recommend: This modest hostel will have you feeling like a local.

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By Expedia

1. Wales

Coming in at the number one spot on our list of the world’s most pet-friendly destinations is Wales. While some would argue that the other destinations on this list have more to offer travelers, there’s no denying the impressive number of pet-friendly properties here. With 33.6% of all accommodations inviting animals, Wales is the type of country where the hotels set up treats for incoming canine guests, offer dog-walking services, and specially-designed dog parks adjacent to properties. Make the most of your time with your extra family member, these things to do in Wales are bound to create lasting memories.

We recommend: The Kenwood Hall is ideal to feel like true United Kingdom royalty and pamper your dog with amenities.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

By Agoda
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