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So you’re searching for a stunning vacation rental for your upcoming wedding and aren’t sure where to start. We’re here to help with the lowdown on vacation rentals for weddings and how to find the best place for the special day. From properties with panoramic beach views, through to vacation rentals that offer wedding event services, here are our top tips. 

By Lanty

Wedding Venue or Reception Venue

These days, many engaged couples use vacation rentals as wedding venues. If you’re skipping getting married in a church and looking to have a low-key wedding in privacy, a vacation rental is a great option. From charming bungalows, through to large country houses, there’s something to cater for every taste.

You can also use vacation rentals for receptions and after parties. The great thing about a vacation rental for a wedding is the privacy you have. You can also find stunning properties for a much lower price than if you rented a space in an official wedding venue.

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Rentals Close to Wedding Venues

If you’re looking for a vacation rental for a reception or after party, find a rental that’s close to the wedding venue. This means that guests might be able to avoid driving — and therefore don’t have to worry about how much champagne they are going to knock back in celebration of your big day.

An ideal vacation rental for a reception or afterparty would be within walking distance of the wedding venue. Guests probably wouldn’t want to do more than a 15-minute walk between the wedding venue and reception. If you have elderly guests coming, a long walk could be an issue. Finding a rental for the reception that’s close to the wedding venue will also save you the cost and hassle of transporting guests to the reception. 

By Samantha Gades

Properties With Beach Views

Is there anything more amazing than celebrating your wedding day with panoramic views of the ocean? Not to mention how great a sunset beachfront backdrop would look on your wedding pictures. Why not aim big, and try to find a property that has its own private beach? Just be sure that your beach-side wedding or reception venue doesn’t out-shine your honeymoon

By Gabriel Baransk

Type of Vacation Rental

Luxurious Properties

Look for a luxurious property that really has the ‘wow’ factor to host your wedding. Use some of the best vacation rental sites to browse for a property that’s large enough to fit your guests. There are plenty of large country houses and big beach houses that are listed as ‘suitable for events’ with many homeowners happy to accept requests for wedding parties. 

Pool and Hot Tub

Vacation rentals with pools and hot tubs are a great choice for a wedding party. Be sure to tell the guests to bring a bathing suit if they want to take a dip in the pool or unwind in the hot tub!

By Jesse Gardner

Outdoor Spaces

Find a wedding venue with outdoor spaces, whether it’s a garden, balcony, or terrace. It’s great to set up different areas with extras like a photo booth, an edible chocolate fountain, or candle-lit lanterns guests can release into the sky. Many vacation rentals that are wedding-friendly come with barbeques, fire pits, and hot tubs. 

Large Properties

If you have a lot of people coming to your wedding, you’re going to need to find a vacation rental that can seat all your guests. There are plenty of wedding-friendly properties out there, with many that can fit between 50-150 people for the party, alongside providing enough bedrooms to sleep the core wedding party.

By Daniel Barnes

Going Abroad

More and more people are opting for an intimate wedding abroad. Pick a destination where you’re almost guaranteed to have good weather and it will be a wedding you never forget. Some of the top vacation rentals for weddings abroad include rustic villas in Tuscany, Italy, luxury villas in Cabo, Mexico, and beach houses in Jamaica. While it can be expensive to get married abroad, you can get a lot more for your money in terms of the style of the property and size of the vacation rental. Services such as catering, DJs, and photographers are often much cheaper than if you get married in the US.

Communicate With the Vacation Rental Owner

Be sure to clearly communicate with the vacation rental owner about your reasons for renting the property and any requirements you might have. You might want to ask them if they provide events services — as some vacation rentals can offer cleaning services, event decoration services, flower services, and even catering. Make sure you know how many people are due to attend on the day and the type of vacation rental to suit; from historic houses, through to large country estates, and sleek beach condos.

Book the Rental For an Extra Day

It’s a good idea to book the rental for an extra day, so you can set everything up without the stress of doing so on the morning of the big day. You might also need an extra day to clear up, depending on what’s been arranged with the homeowner. Homeowners might be able to provide an event cleaning service — be sure to check in advance. Sometimes it can be a good idea to book the rental for a couple of extra days, so you, your significant other, and the core wedding party can kick back and enjoy what the vacation rental has to offer. 

By James Bold

Extra Costs

Don’t forget there will be extra costs by setting up a wedding or wedding party in a vacation rental. You’ll have to factor in a budget for enough tables, chairs, china, and silverware for all your guests. You might also want to consider renting a tent and setting up a dancefloor with lighting. Again, confirm with the homeowner beforehand, as they might be able to help. If a homeowner is not already prepared for a wedding to be hosted at their vacation rental, they might ask for extra money to cover the cost of extra insurance.

By Lanty
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